Legacy Students

THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY is proud to have many multigenerational families and realizes success comes in part from its rich history, with roots stretching back to 1881. Here are the legacy students from the DDS Class of 2023 and DH Class of 2021.

Abdullah Akbar: uncle, Dr. Jaber Akbar (DDS ’99, Pros ’03)
Lane Anderson: father, Dr. Thomas L. Anderson (DDS ’86)
Katie Baker: mother, Dr. Susan G. Hall (DDS ’86)
Sarah Carney: cousins, Dr. Marc Barnett (DDS ’84), Dr. Kelly Burke (DDS ’84)
Bryce Childers: grandfather, Dr. Logan Childers (DDS ’66)
Andrew Dierkes: cousin, Courtney Dierkes (BSDH ’18)
Jake Findley: uncle, Dr. Brian Jenkins (DDS ’97)
Nikol Flynn: brother, Dr. Eric Fayziev (DDS ’11)
Carly Hill: uncle, Dr. Joseph L. Hernandez (DDS ’63)
Zane Keller: cousin, Dr. Megan M. Dosch (DDS ’11)
Christopher Knollman: father, Dr. Mark A. Knollman (DDS ’87)
Elizabeth Kutina: father, Dr. Larry G. Kutina (DDS ’88); grandfather, Dr. Loren F. Kutina (DDS ’61); brother, Dr. Andrew R. Kutina (’18); great-grandfather, Dr. George F. Kutina (’25); great-grandfather, Dr. Harry L. Lacy (DDS ’17)
Alexandra Lashley: father, Dr. Craig B. Lashley (DDS ’98)
Cameron Long: grandfather, Dr. Richard “Dick” Radke (DDS ’55); aunt, Dr. Janice Pishny (DDS ’83); cousin, Dr. Richard Hannah (DDS ’11)
Hannah Maleki: cousin, Dr. Mona Shadfar (DDS ’07)
Edward McAllister: father, Dr. Edward L. McAllister (DDS ’87)
Kiralyn Mosier: great-grandfather, Dr. Harry Mosier (DDS ’22); great-uncle, Dr. Howard Mosier (DDS ’22); grandfather, Dr. Richard Mosier (DDS ’54); uncle, Dr. Mark Mosier (DDS ’85)
Alan Muhammad: brother, Akam Muhammad (DDS ’20)
Emily Murray: brother, Caleb Murray (DDS ’22)
Ryan Poertner: cousin, Dr. Michelle Mooney (DDS ’14)
Addison Quinlan: uncle, Dr. Steve Green (DDS ’94)
Leila Seabaugh: mother, Dr. Linda Seabaugh (DDS ’88); aunt, Dr. Ruth Anne Seabaugh (DDS ’88)
Emily Stringer: cousin, James Oslica (DDS ’20)
Alexandria Thomas: father, Dr. Daniel J. Thomas (DDS ’90, Perio ’92); mother, Dr. Donna K. Thomas (DDS ’92); uncle, Dr. John M. Abraham (DDS ’65); uncle, Dr. Joseph J. Thomas (DDS ’89); cousin, Dr. Jonathan S. Thomas (DDS ’04; Perio ’06); cousin, Dr. Kevin G. Thomas (DDS ’17); cousin, Dr. Kritika J. Thomas (DDS ’15); cousin in-law, Dr. Johanna D. Thomas (BSDH ’10, DDS ’19)
Parker Welch: aunt, Brooke Gonzales (BSDH ’02)