Mission, Vision & Core Values

Vision Statement

UMKC School of Dentistry will be a model oral health-care education institution that maintains the highest ethical and scientific standards of care, serving patients and the profession in an evolving health-care environment.

Mission Statement

UMKC School of Dentistry serves as a leader in the advancement of oral health care through exceptional educational programs, scientific inquiry, patient care and service and respect for the dignity of everyone within our diverse community.

Core Values


We will achieve excellence by:

  • Developing professionals through rigorous academic education and practical training.
  • Performing teaching and research that incorporates best practices, setting goals that are achievable and measurable, as well as by seeking feedback from our students, colleagues and community.
  • Adhering to high standards of evidence-based dentistry and clinical judgment through collaboration and leadership.


We will practice compassion by:

  • Taking a genuine interest in the needs of those we serve in order to help them live healthy and productive lives through the services we deliver.
  • Interacting with others as servant leaders.
  • Promoting an environment of shared strength through humility and gratitude for our shared talents.


We will act with integrity by:

  • Demonstrating that ethical behavior is a lifelong habit of honest and sincere action that benefits the profession and society.
  • Fulfilling our social contract to perform our work and serve our communities with the veracity and honor that undergird our profession.
  • Committing ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards that will hold us accountable to our own actions and those of our institution, our colleagues, our students and our community.


We will act justly by:

  • Being sensitive to the complexities inherent in the diversity of our community.
  • Striving to allocate the school’s limited resources in a manner that best meets the needs of our students, patients, faculty and staff.
  • Doing what is right through our exercise of collegiality, respect and fairness in all our interactions.