DDS Board Members

Officers and Board of Trustees



President    Dr. Michael Strand, Oklahoma
President-Elect    Dr. Charles Squire, Kansas
1st Vice-President    Dr. Joe Spalitto, Missouri
2nd Vice President    Dr. Melodee Armfield, Kansas
3rd Vice President    Dr. Bernard Petkovich, Arkansas
Secretary    Dr. Eric Gottman, Missouri
Treasurer    Dr. James Trotter, Kansas


Term Expires in April 2021

Missouri    Dr. Kelly Suchman
Missouri    Dr. Chanin Ropka
Colorado   Dr. Pasco Scarpella
Faculty    Dr. Rob Edwards
At Large    Dr. Nealy Newkirk

Term Expires in April 2020

Oklahoma    Dr. Jim Torchia
Missouri    Dr. Doug Wyckoff
Kansas    Dr. Michael LeBlanc
Faculty    Dr. Tom Russell
Arkansas    Dr. Kyle Dalton

Term Expires in April 2019

Kansas    Dr. Rob Herwig
Missouri    Dr. Mark Beck
Wisconsin    At-Large Dr. Edwin Batchelor
Oklahoma    Dr. Mark Harwood

Term Expires in April 2018

New Mexico    Dr. Michael Fanning
Kansas    Dr. Mark Armfield
Missouri    Dr. John Killip

Term Expires in April 2017

Arkansas    Dr. Doug Griffin
Kansas    Dr. Wendy Reynolds
Kansas    Dr. Scott Hamilton
Oklahoma    Dr. Fred Blythe
Hawaii    Dr. Larry Fujioka

University Administrators:

Dean Marsha Pyle
Becky Higgins, Alumni Relations Manager

Recent Grad Liaison:

Class of 2014 – Brett Waite
Class of 2015 – Jason Sparks
Class of 2016 – Shawn Snider


Class of 2017 – Seth Prochaska
Class of 2018 – Devon Pucel

Dental Hygiene Liaison:

Kim Bray