Business Administration

School ExteriorDepartment Overview:

The School of Dentistry Business Office is responsible for leading the facilities management (sanitation, health & safety protocol, building safety, building workorders and repair); procurement, financial and some human resource aspects including: preparation and management of budgets (supplies/expenses, salaries); oversight of purchasing (pro cards, purchase orders, vouchers); contract preparation and oversight; human resource direction (policy/procedure enforcement, hiring, promotions, and terminations).

Frequently used links   

The Covid-19 information is very fluid.  From one day to the next we are not sure what the CDC will say or what procedures may change. For this reason, we would like to make sure you have quick access to the most Current Covid Updates.

Maintenance Requests
The maintenance department has created a document that will better assist with identifying the reason for the maintenance request in the most concise way possible.  By clicking on the Maintenance Request link you will be taken directly to the requests for both dental maintenance and building issues.

Faculty Leave Requests
For faculty, there is no vacation accrual, instead there is faculty leave.  For the most recent Faculty Leave Request form, simple click the link provided here.

Risk Management Forms
Risk Management includes things as Student or general public Injury & property damage forms, Workers Compensation forms, vehicle accident reports, etc. For more specific information click Risk Management.

What’s New
Check out the new training videos for operatory! Equipment training

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Meet the Team

Director of Business Administration
Jeffrey Primos
4th floor room 449

Business Office Support Assistant IV
Jamie Charles
4th floor room 449

Finance & Accounting Manager
Della Damon
4th floor room 412

Dental Maintenance Manager
Matthew Eplee
Basement floor room B28

Shipping and Receiving
Brent Burchett
Basement room B23

Dental Equipment Specialist
Steve Bowman
Basement room B22

Dental Equipment Specialist
Richard Elliott
Basement room B22

Human Resources Business Partner
Thomas Bachmann
4th floor room 449

Business Support Specialist II
Racquel Adams
4th floor room 416

Purchasing Business Support II
Vicki Van Noy
4th floor room 416C

Building Coordinator
Valorie Moore-Porter
4th floor room 416

Mailroom Clerk
Diana Atty
4th floor room 426

Dental Equipment Specialist
Roy Abella
Basement room B22

Don Parmalee
Basement room B22