Research Office

The mission of the Research Office is to support the missions of the UMKC School of Dentistry, UMKC, and the UM System.

The Research Office is responsible for assisting with preparing grant budgets and grant submissions (pre-award), managing grant projects accounts and reports (post-award), providing biostatistical services, facilitating the Clinical Research Center (CRC), assisting with Institutional Review Board applications and tracking, promoting research opportunities, and overall activities associated with research grants, contracts and projects.


eProtocol Guidance
Research Support Committee
CITI Training
UMKC Office of Research (ORS)


Associate Dean for Research
Dr. Mary Walker
Phone: (816) 235-2825

Office Support Assistant
Patrick Dixon
Phone: 816-235-2179

Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs
Jania Billups
Phone: 816-235-6342

Grants, Contracts
Erin Liljequist
Phone: (816) 235-5467

Clinical Research Coordinator, IRB Submission/Tracking
Barbara Adkins
Phone: (816) 235-2156

Director, Clinical Research Center
Dr. Lynn Friesen
Phone: (816) 235-2200

Dr. JoAnna Scott
Phone: 816-235-2066

Director of Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Dr. Donggao Zhao
Phone: (816) 235-2072