Donor Honor Roll

Every effort has been made to accurately list the name of each donor who supported the UMKC School of Dentistry from July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021. If your name is misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, we sincerely apologize. Please contact us at the Office of Alumni & Development, (816) 235-2060, so that corrections can be made.

$25,000- $49,999
Air Techniques, Inc.
$10,000- $24,999
Fry Orthodontics
Dr. Jeremy Fry
UMB Financial Corporation
$5,000- $9,999
Dr. Gary and Ms. Pamela Brown
Dr. Lauren Phuong-Thad Cai
Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
Mr. Mitchell F. Ehrlich Trust
Dr. Sam E. and Mrs. B. Jeannene Hayes
Dr. Scott S. Masunaga
Dr. P. Nick and Ms. Christie Rogers
UMKC Dental Hygienists’
Alumni Association
Mr. Robin and Dr. Crystal Walker
Whip Mix
$2,500 - $4,999
Goetze Dental Company
Dr. J. Reese II and Dr. Rachael L. Graue
Financial Counselors, Inc.
Dr. M. Dean and Ms. Nancy Wright
Young Charitable Remainder
Trust Fund
$1,000 - $2,499
Dr. Cynthia C. Amyot
Dr. Richard Lawrence Anema
Dr. Mark H. and Dr. Melodee R. Armfield
Dr. Armand K. and Ms. Cathy Chong
Dr. Fred W. Distelhorst
Dr. Greg C. and Ms. Karen M. Frimel
Dr. Eric Gottman
Dr. Mark D. and Ms. Sandi Gregston
Dr. Stephen R. Haught
Dr. Steven L. and Mrs. Leigh A. Hechler
Dr. Paul E. Hund
Mark L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Dr. T. Wayne and Ms. Linda Lewis
Captain Mike Anthony Lutz
Dr. Kristy L. Marker
Mr. William A. Marse
Dr. Richardson L. McGuire
Missouri Dental Association
Missouri Fellows of the International College of Dentists
Dr. Pamela R. Overman
Perio Protect LLC
Dr. Bernard W. Petkovich Prexion, Inc.
Dr. Bart W. Putnam
Dr. Suzanne M. and Mr. William C. Quigg
Mr. Steve L. and Mrs. Judith Roling
Dr. Thomas L. Russell
Dr. Jeanine M. and Mr. Stephen Scott Sasek
Dr. Keerthana M. Satheesh
Dr. Allan Y. and Ms. Sandy Segawa
Dr. David D. Shin
Dr. William F. Slagle Jr.
Dr. Joseph P. and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Spalitto
Dr. Charles F. and Mrs. Margit Squire
Dr. Daniel G. Stamos
Herbert Lawrence Stanton
Dr. Rodger L. Suchman
Sunflower Bank
Ms. Debbie Thompson
Professor Emeritus Daniel E. and Mrs. Mary W. Tira
Dr. Camden J. Tokunaga