Donor Honor Roll

Every effort has been made to accurately list the name of each donor who supported the UMKC School of Dentistry from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018. If your name is misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, we sincerely apologize. Please contact us at the Office of Alumni & Development, (816) 235-2060, so that corrections can be made.


George Trimble Trust
Mr. Ken Matson & Ms. Mary Matson Strauman USA
Ms. Tomiyo Seo*
Dr. Clyde S. Umaki

$50,000- $99,999

Nobel Biocare
S. Orlando Somers Trust

$25,000- $49,999

Dr. Harley D. Crowder*
Dentsply GAC International
KC Orthodontic Support & Research Fdtn.
McDavid Dental Educational Trust
UMKC Dental Alumni Association

$10,000- $24,999

Dr. Dan and Mrs. Nancy Blackwell
Dr. Andrew R. Bruening
Dentsply Sirona
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Richelle Fujioka
GFT Charity Inc.
Ms. Lilli Gober
Goetze Dental Company
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Carolyn Abney Hodges
K.C. Assoc. of Pediatric Dentists
Dr. P. Nick Rogers

$5,000- $9,999

Dr. Gary and Ms. Pamela Brown
Dentsply L.D. Caulk Division
Dr. Sam and Mrs. B. Jeannene Hayes
Dr. Stephen and Ms. Sydney Hiatt
Dr. & Ms. Charles S. Thompson
Dr. Michael A. LeBlanc
Dr. Randal Motooka and Dr. Tammy Chang Motooka
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Annie Ogilvie
Dr. Bernard W. Petkovich
Thompson Family Foundation
Dr. R. Wayne and Mrs. I. Joyce
UMKC Dental Hygienists Alumni Assoc.

$2,500 - $4,999

3M Oral Care
American College of Dentists-Kansas
Dr. Jean Paul Arpin
Associates of Dentistry, LLC
Bien-Air USA, Inc.
Commerce Bank
Dr. Lance and Ms. Candace Godley
Mrs. Judith B. Haynes
Dr. Craig Hoffmann
Dr. Randall S. Honda
Dr. Brent L. Kincaid
Dr. Charles C. McGinty
Dr. Patrick Moore
Procter & Gamble Distributing Company
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Russell*
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Margit Squire
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Loretta Tabata
Drs. Daniel and Donna Thomas
Mr. Robin and Dr. Crystal Walker
Wichita Endodontics, P.A.

$1,000 - $2,499

American Assoc. of Endodontists Fndn.
Dr. Richard Lawrence Anema
Drs. Mark and Melodee Armfield
Dr. Mark G. Beck
Dr. David Nill and Dr. Beth Blackwell-Nill
Drs. Blake and Clare Borello
Dr. Richard L. Briscoe Ms. Sherry M. Burns
Jeffrey R. Burroughs, DDS LLC
Dr. Jeffrey R. Burroughs
Drs. Chris and Jayne Buttner
Dr. David A. Cacchillo
Dr. Lionel M. Candelaria
Carmax Foundation
Cash Family Orthodontics
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Shara Cash
Dr. Tara Cash
Dr. Armand and Ms. Cathy Chong
Dr. Wesley and Ms. Frances Choy
Colgate Speakers Bureau
Dr.Latedra M. Collins
Dr. Joseph Crowley
Delta Dental of Missouri
Dr. Gary V. DeWitt
Dr. Fred W. Distelhorst
Dr. J. Dennis and Ms. Mary Jo Dlabal
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Dryden
Dr. Jerry R. Fankhauser
Drs. Milton M. and Judith M. Fujiuchi
Dr. Jolynn Galvin
Dr. John D. Gardner
Dr. Lisa R. Gonzales
Professor Jeffrey and Mrs. Mary Gorski
Dr. Eric Gottman and Dr. Kyong Kong
Drs. Reese and Rachael Graue
Ms. Karen E. Haynes
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Leigh Hechler
Dr. Phil E. Held
Mrs. Paula M. Hiatt
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. MaKenzi Higgins, Esq.
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Rosalyn Hiramoto
Drs. Matthew and Larinda Hlavacek
Dr. James Brian Indiveri
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Jett
Fund Dr. Donald J. Jirovec
Dr. Mark L. Johnson
Dr. Glenn Y. Kadohiro
Mrs. Donna F. Kaelke
Dr. Jeffrey A. Kagihara
Kansas Dental Association
Dr. C. Ed Kavanaugh
Dr. Kurt and Ms. Stephanie Kavanaugh
Dr. Daniel and Ms. Tiffany Kieu
Joyce A. Killip Irrevocable Trust
Dr. John and Ms. Kathy Killip
Mr. Norman Killip
Dr. John and Mrs. Ann Koehler
Dr. Justin R. Kohlhorst
Dr. Anthony C. Kramer
KS Fellows – Int’l College of Dentists
Dr. George D. Lasater
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Angela Leins
Dr. Ronald Lemmo and Dr. Marsha Pyle
Dr. T. Wayne and Ms. Linda Lewis
Dr. Charles and Ms. Diana Mahaffey
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Donna Malmstrom
Mark Beck Donor Advised Fund
Mr. William A. Marse
Dr. Alan and Ms. Deborah Martin
Dr. Mark R. Medina
Dr. Ward A. Meyerhoeffer, Jr.
Missouri Dental Association
Mo. Fellows of the Int. Coll. of Dentists
Dr. Arthur B. Montoya, Jr.
Dr. Andrew S. Moore
Dr. James G. Nail
Dr. Bryan R. Neuwirth
Dr. Daniel C. Nielson
Dr. Bert and Ms. Pam Oettmeier
Dr. Julie E. Olson
Oral Maxillor Surgery Resident Fund
Dr. James Osborne and Dr. Cathleen Taylor Osborne
Dr. Pamela R. Overman
Parkell Products Inc.
Mr. Steve and Ms. Lisa Paschang
Dr. Phillip M. Poynter
Dr. Steven and Ms. Jennifer Prstojevich
Mr. William C. Quigg and Dr. Suzanne Newell Quigg
Dr. Isabelle Reed
Dr. Thomas C. Reinhart
Dr. Peter and Ms. Letticia Robinson
Dr. Brett and Ms. Michelle Roufs
Dr. Allan Y. Segawa
Mr. Raj and Mrs. Christine Shah
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Tamara Smith
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Elizabeth Spalitto
Dr. Kip Sterling
Drs. David and Kelly Suchman Dr. Rodger L. Suchman Sunflower Bank
Mrs. Carol J. Swaney
Dr. Robert G. and Mrs. Tamara C. Smith
Dr. Daniel G. Teubner
Dr. Jonathan and Ms. Johnna Thomas Ms. Debra Thompson
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Tira
Dr. Russell Tom
Ms. Diana Trumble
UMB Financial Corporation
UMKC Foundation
University Dental Study Club
Dr. Asvin Vasanthan
Dr. Jason E. Wagle
Dr. Wavel and Ms. Laura Wells
Dr. Stanton D. Widmer Dr. John C. Windle
Dr. Solomon T. Woldesilassie
Mr. Mark and Ms. Ruth Yamakawa
* Deceased