Donor Honor Roll

Every effort has been made to accurately list the name of each donor who supported the UMKC School of Dentistry from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019. If your name is misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, we sincerely apologize. Please contact us at the Office of Alumni & Development, (816) 235-2060, so that corrections can be made.


Dane G. Hansen Foundation
Rosemary L Wiley Trust
Straumann USA

$50,000- $99,999

Estate of Dr H. D. Crowder
Delta Dental of Missouri

$25,000- $49,999

Dr. Scott S. Masunaga

$10,000- $24,999

Mrs. Barbara Ann Dietrich
Free Dental Clinic Trust Fund
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Richelle Fujioka
Ms. Lilli Gober
Goetze Dental Company
KC Orthodontic Support & Research Fdtn.
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Terri Klein
Dr. P. Nick Rogers
Dr. James and Mrs. Sandra Trotter
Mr. Robin and Dr. Crystal Walker

$5,000- $9,999

Dr. Gary and Ms. Pamela Brown
Burleson Community Fund
Dr. Dustin S. Burleson
Dr. Sam and Mrs. B. Jeannene Hayes
Dr. Justin R. Kohlhorst
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Janet Neale
Dr. Steven and Ms. Jennifer Prstojevich
Dr. Wendy D. Reynolds
Dr. Ed and Mrs. Marie Robison
Spillers Family Fundation
Dr. J. Don Spillers
Thompson Family Foundation
Dr. R. Wayne and Mrs. I. Joyce Thompson
UMKC Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Assoc.
Dr. John C. Windle
Dr. Alvin and Ms. Colleen Yoshida

$2,500 - $4,999

American Dental Partners
Associates of Dentistry, LLC
Colgate Speakers Bureau
Commerce Bank
Mrs. Judith B. Haynes
Dr. Randall S. Honda
Dr. Brent L. Kincaid
Dr. Charles C. McGinty
Nobel Biocare
Dr. Thomas L. Russell
Sunflower Bank
Tigras Charitable Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499

American Assn of Endodontists Fdtn
Dr. Richard Lawrence Anema
Dr. Dean S. Arashiro and Dr. Margaret C. Garcia-Arashiro
Drs. Mark and Melodee Armfield
Dr. Jean Paul Arpin
Drs. Blake and Clare Borello
Dr. Samuel Bowden
Dr. Richard L. Briscoe
Mr. Donald and Ms. Janet Brunker
Ms. Sherry M. Burns
Drs. Chris and Jayne Buttner
Dr. David A. Cacchillo
Cash Family Charitable Fund
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Shara Cash
Dr. Kyle K. Catron
Dr. Armand and Ms. Cathy Chong
Dr. Wesley and Ms. Frances Choy
Dr. Wesley L. Christian
Dr. Tracy Davis
Dr. Fred W. Distelhorst
Dr. Jerad Divine
Dr. David J. Dung
Dr. Shara M. Dunlap
Dr. Jerry and Ms. Leslie Fankhauser
Fidelity Charitable Dr. David J. Dung
Dr. & Dr. Ken J. Frick
Drs. Milton M. and Judith M. Fujiuchi
Dr. Jolynn Galvin
Dr. John D. Gardner
Ms. Kathryn D. Glasscock
Dr. Lance and Ms. Candace Godley
Drs. Reese and Rachael Graue
Ms. Karen E. Haynes
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Leigh Hechler
Dr. Ralph M. Hennessee
Mrs. Paula M. Hiatt
Dr. Stephen and Ms. Sydney Hiatt
Dr. Jeffrey and Mrs. MaKenzi Higgins
High Desert Dental
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Rosalyn Hiramoto
Dr. Nelson Hu
Hobb E. Horse Carousel Works
Dr. James Brian Indiveri
Dr. Stacy Jackson
Mrs. Ann L. Jett
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Jett Fund
Dr. Donald J. Jirovec
Mark L. Johnson, PhD
Dr. M. Conrad Journee
Dr. Kurt and Ms. Stephanie Kavanaugh
Dr. Daniel and Ms. Tiffany Kieu
Professor Emeritus John W. Killip
Dr. Eric Gottman and Dr. Kyong Kong
Dr. Frederick C. Lauer
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Angela Leins
Dr. T. Wayne and Ms. Linda Lewis
Dr. Charles and Ms. Diana Mahaffey
Mr. William A. Marse
Dr. Alan and Ms. Deborah Martin
Dr. Mark A. Massey
Dr. David L. May
Ms. Patricia D. May
Dr. M. William and Mrs. Ann Meyer
Missouri Dental Association
Dr. Andrew S. Moore
MO Fellows of the Int. Coll. of Dentists
Dr. James G. Nail
Dr. Bryan R. Neuwirth
New Smile Orthodontics
Dr. Crystal A. Obee
Dr. Julie E. Olson
Oral Maxillor Surgery Resident Fund
Dr. James Osborne
Dr. Christopher Palmer
Mr. Steve and Ms. Lisa Paschang
Dr. Bernard W. Petkovich
Dr. Phillip M. Poynter
Procter & Gamble Distributing Company
Dr. Ronald Lemmo and Dr. Marsha Pyle
Mr. William C. Quigg
Dr. Isabelle Reed
Dr. Scott Robinson
Dr. Gary McCabe Ross, DDS
Ryan Ranch Dental Care
Mrs. Tamara C. Smith
Dr. George and Ms. Terry Smith
Dr. Matthew and Ms. Jill Strohmeyer
Dr. Allan Y. Segawa
Dr. David D. Shin
Sigma Phi Alpha-Alpha Gamma Chapter
Dr. Clarence E. Simmons, III
Dr. William F. Slagle, Jr.
Drs. David and Kelly Suchman
Dr. Rodger L. Suchman
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Elizabeth Spalitto
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Margit Squire
Dr. Julie C. Swift
Dr. Robert L. Talley
Tam and Bob Account
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Tira
Russell Tom, DDS
UMB Financial Corporation
University Dental Study Club
University Park Dental Assoc., PA
Valencia Endodontic Association
Dr. Jason E. Wagle
Dr. Stephen and Ms. Ellen Williams
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Kimberly Wilson
Dr. Ronald R. Wollard
Mrs. Lavenia Wood

$500 - $999

Mr. Bernard and Dr. Cynthia Amyot
Dr. Michael J. Armijo
Dr. Jane A. Atkinson
Dr. John and Mrs. Beth Ball
Dr. Mark G. Beck
Mr. Keith and Dr. Brenda Bohaty
Dr. Mary Hagan Burke
Dr. Roy E. Cole
Dr. Dio L. Daily
Drs. Neil and Melissa Dean
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Dryden
Dr. Thomas and Ms. Carol Fankhauser
Dr. Gary and Ms. Cheryl Grantham
Dr. Mark and Ms. Sandi Gregston
Henry Schein Dental
Dr. Craig and Ms. Joanne Herre
Dr. Craig and Ms. Abby Hollander
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Linda Beth Harvey
Joseph P. Spalitto DDS LLC
Dr. Eric S. Kapustka
Dr. Michael T. Katsev
Dr. Roy M. Kurisaki
Lafayette County Dental Study Club
Dr. Phu H. Le
Dr. William J. Lewis
Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Maddox
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Donna Malmstrom
Dr. Sidney and Ms. Carole McKnight
Dr. George and Mrs. Andrea Myers
Dr. Mark S. Mancin
Dr. Adam C. McClellan
Dr. Tim McMann
Dr. Ward A. Meyerhoeffer, Jr.
Dr. Patrick J. Morris
Dr. Bert and Ms. Pam Oettmeier
Mr. Darren M. Perry
Procter & Gamble
Dr. Virgil L. Palmer
Dr. Charles H. Pierson
Dr. W. Kent and Ms. Sharon Powell
Dr. Bart W. Putnam
Mr. Kevin J. Robertson
Dr. Donald M. Reinhardt
Dr. Jeffrey S. Rick
Dr. Donald L. Stewart, Jr.
Ms. Debra Thompson
Dr. Candace M. Wada
Dr. Wavel and Ms. Laura Wells
Dr. Michael E. Dix and Ms. Kris Wyman
Dr. Lynn R. Wuthnow
Ms. Mary G. Woosley
Dr. Bradley and Mrs. Kay Atkinson Wright
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Lynda Younger

$1 - $499

Dr. Marc and Ms. Marilyn Abrams
Ms. Debra Fletcher Adams
Dr. Robert and Ms. Marlene Adams
Advanced Family Dental
Dr. Thikriat Al-Jewair
Dr. Anthony Armando Altomare
Dr. Michael Dostal and Dr. Lauren Andreas
Dr. Larry and Ms. Linda Anthony
Dr. Ashley Asano
Dr. Ronald Paul Ashley
Dr. Jack and Ms. Nancy Austerman
Drs. Bruce and Gerry Barker
Dr. Richard and Ms. Pam Barlet
Mr. David E. Barnes
Dr. Chad Barth
Mrs. Cathy A. Bartolotta
Dr. Jason Beckman
Dr. Brent and Ms. Virginia Benkelman
Dr. Richard L. Bennett
Mr. Richard and Ms. Megan Bigham
Dr. Roger N. Bise
Dr. William R. Blackmore
Dr. Jimmy and Ms. Sabrina Boley
Dr. J.C. Bond
Dr. Bryan Bonnet
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Jana Boschert
Dr. Charles and Ms. Marilyn Boyce
Mr. Brad Boyer
Ms. Lorraine B. Brockmann
Mrs. Janell R. Brooks
Ms. Pansy J. Brown
Mr. Benjamin Brunker
Dr. Thomas and Ms. Anne Bunton
Dr. Jeffrey R. Burroughs
Dr. Robert E. Butler
Ms. Morgan V. Burgard
Ms. Mackenzie Boyd
Ms. Patricia A. Capps
Dr. John R. Carnahan
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Norma Carr
Mr. Tyler Carron
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Marcia Cassidy
Charlie Hustle
Mr. James and Dr. Susan Charles
Dr. Charles and Ms. Edith Chambers
Cheesecake Factory
Dr. Nicole Boxberger Christie
Dr. Colin J. Cicchetti
Drs. Jose and Eileen Cocjin
Mr. Raymond Cohlmia
Mrs. Avis Jo Compton
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Connie Cooper
Dr. John M. Cope
Dr. Emily Cortes
Coterie Theatre
Dr. Paul C. Cox
Mr. Mitchell and Dr. Geralyn Crain
Dr. Aaron and Mrs. Jamie Cregger
Ms. Kim Cuda
Dr. Kevin J. Cummings
Dr. Carl H. Dahlquist
Dr. Robert H. Dakin
Dr. Thomas M. and Ms. Kara L. Darnall
Mrs. Ann M. D’Avella
Ms. Karin Davis
Ms. Marla J. Davis
Dr. Bryan S. Debowsky
Dr. Kamra De Fries
Mr. Jay DeGoler
Ms. Deborah Dribben
Dentsply Implant
Drs. Neal and Michelle Deutch
Dr. Daniel T. Doherty
Dr. Harlo L. Donelson
Dr. Vance and Mrs. Judith Dykhouse
Mr. Richard Easter
Mr. John R. Ehrlich
Dr. Andrew Eichholz
Mr. Douglas and Ms. Amy Ehrlich
El Dorado Family Dentistry, P.A.
Dr. Edgar and Mrs. Jolene Ellyson
Dr. Gene E. Engel
Dr. Robert L. Ennis
Mr. Brian H. and Ms. Toni L. Erickson
Dr. Rex and Mrs. Constance Esau
Dr. Mitchell D. Esquibel
Dr. Larry D. Evans
Executive Quest, LLC
Ms. Stacie Fechner
Dr. William and Mrs. Constance Ferguson
Financial Counselors, Inc.
Mr. Trent Finley
Mr. Matthew L. Fitch
Dr. Amanda L. Fitzpatrick
Mrs. Pamela Rae Flaherty
Dr. Michael P. Florez
Forum Holdings LLC
Four States Dental Care
Dr. John and Ms. Victoria Franks
Mr. Lance and Dr. Mariah Frazier
Drs. Peter and Jennifer Freyer
Dr. Greg and Ms. Karen Frimel
Dr. Willis L. Funk
Dr. Tara M. Gabriel
Mrs. Laura Gage
Ms. Jordan Gallant
Dr. Junee Frances Gardy
Ms. Carly Lelland Garrigan
Gaslight Grill
Dr. Meyler D. Gibbs
Gilbert Orthodontics, P.C.
Dr. Danielle Gilbert
Dr. Robert and Ms. Kathleen Gillum
Dr. Mark L. Gilmore
Ms. Suzana Gjoka
Golf Galaxy
Dr. Theresa Gonzales
Mr. Ralph and Ms. Ann Goodrich
Dr. Bruce W. Gopin
Dr. Mark J. Gordon
Professor Jeffrey and Mrs. Mary Gorski
Mr. Thomas Gracey
Dr. Lloyd E. Grant
Dr. Phillip J. Gravino
Ms. Patricia A. L. Gray
Dr. David E. Greaves
Dr. Steven D. Green
Dr. Mark Greenburg
Greg and Karen Frimel Charitable Trust
Dr. Craig A. Grider
Mrs. Danielle M. Grotheer
Dr. Ronald and Ms. Anne Grout
Dr. John and Ms. Sharon Gutschenritter
Dr. Jack and Ms. Christine Haden
Dr. Jean M. Hagan
Dr. Elizabeth Hall
Dr. Susan G. Hall
Dr. Jeffrey C. Hambleton
Dr. Julianna Harman
Dr. Charles W. Harper
Mr. Michael and Ms. Mary Harris
Mrs. Lorie Ann Hassel-Chuang
Hayes Handpiece Repair
Dr. Granvil and Mrs. Heidi Hays
Dr. John and Ms. Jacqueline Haynes
Ms. Angela Heathman
Dr. Carol Horton-Henley
Dr. Gary M. Henley
Dr. Jeffrey and Ms. Marjorie Henkin
Dr. Paul and Ms. Cindy Herrin
Dr. Brenda P. Herrman
Higgins Law Group
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Judith Hildreth
Dr. Mark and Ms. Lisa Hilton
Dr. Ted S. Hine
Dr. D. Stanley and Ms. Sydney Hite
Mr. Henry Hoffman
Ms. Susan Hoffman
Ms. Dorothy Hollenbeck
Dr. Gary M. Holt
Mr. Eric Holtze
Dr. David V. Honeycutt
Dr. Bradley K. Hook
Ms. Joanne Hook
Ms. Sally Hootman
Dr. Gregg and Ms. Jenny Hosch
Dr. Ronald D. Hubbard
Dr. John D. Hume
Mr. Sainy Hussam
Independence Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Ms. Marissa Ibarra
Mr. Donald Innes
Ms. Connie L. Jamison
Ms. Carmela Jensen
Dr. Anna I. Jobe
Dr. Alvin J. Johnson
Dr. Mark and Ms. Sherry Johnson
Dr. Michael Johnson
Dr. David M. Jones
Dr. Patrick Jordan
Dr. Donald and Ms. Carolyn Jump
Ms. Susan E. Kaiser
Kaka’ako Dental Care LLC
Dr. William R. Keith and Ms. Ashley Keith
Dr. Jerry C. Kelly
Mr. John C. Kelly
Ms. Karon Kessler
Ms. Alyssa Kieschnick
Ms. Nicky Kim
Dr. Jonathan Kinderknecht
Dr. Lynn Kinderknecht
Dr. Dean F. Kirn
Ms. Victoria Kishinevsky
Dr. James Gerard Klarsch
Dr. Tae Sok Kong
Dr. William and Mrs. Debbie Kremers
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Marilyn Kuhlman
Ms. Sally A. Kuklenski
Dr. Larry G. Kutina
Dr. Brian and Ms. Emily Kynaston
Ms. Krista Lancaster
Ms. Lynette Langton
Dr. Wendy L. Lara
Mr. Todd LaRose
Dr. John M. Le
Dr. Douglas and Ms. Carol Le Mon
Dr. Matthew and Ms. Julie Lenz
Dr. Doug and Ms. Angie Lesan
Lewis Dental Office
Ms. Natasha U. Liebhart
Mr. Christopher Lippold
Mr. Christopher Longly and Dr. Julie Brown Longly
Mr. Mark Lowrey
Dr. Kelcey G. Loveland
Professor Emeritus James and Mrs. Sandra Lowe
Mr. Brian Lumbard
Dr. Larry Francis Madsen
Ms. Jacquelyn Magee
Dr. Jonathan M. Copeland and Dr. Stephanie L. Maloney
Dr. William L. Maness
Marincel, Dr. John Charitable Gift Fund
Dr. John M. Marincel
Ms. Linda K. Marsh
Dr. Marifer Martinez-Lujan
Dr. Fred and Mrs. Mary Lou Maryott
Ms. Denise C. Maseman
Dr. Yamuna A. Mathew
Dr. Francis X. Matthews
Ms. Renee Mauer
Ms. Angela Meelaun Mazanec
Ms. Janette Maxine Martinez
Mr. Jack and Mrs. Mary Medlin
Ms. Hunter McAreavy
Dr. Edward L. McAllister
Dr. Richard F. McBride
Dr. Michael D. McCunniff
Dr. Richard and Ms. Amy McFadden
Mrs. Deborah L. McIlwain
Dr. Kimberly M. McKinley
Dr. David L. Merello
Dr. Donald Meyer and Mrs. Barbara Bragg Meyer
Dr. Frank W. Meyer
Mrs. Harriet M. Morris
Drs. Mark and Cheryl Milde
Midwest Trust Company
Drs. Daniel and Melinda Miner
Dr. Mason O Miner
Dr. Michael and Ms. Nancy Minten
Drs. Peter and Addy Mohn
Dr. Stephen and Ms. Sharree Moore
Dr. David and Mrs. M. Janell Moore
Mr. Patrick and Ms. Nancy Moran
Dr. Robert T. Morrison
Dr. James and Mrs. Carla Mutti
Dr. Ray R. Nassimbene
Dr. Jack W. Nelson, Jr.
Dr. Karl W. Neuenschwander
Dr. Paul McGraw and Dr. Nancy Newhouse
Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Katherine Newman
Drs. David and Carol Nibert
Dr. Donald Nichols
Mr. Mark Nichols
Dr. Donald G. Nosworthy
Dr. William and Mrs. Pat Novotny
Dr. Merle A. Nunemaker
Ms. Emily Oehler
Mr. Andrew Osborn
Parkville Pediatric Dentistry LLC
Dr. Paul Perme
Ms. Bonnie Perry
Dr. Frederick W. Pirk
Ms. Elizabeth G. Pitz
Dr. Dennis and Ms. Michele Plunk
Ms. Jamie Leann Pollock
Powell Gardens
Dr. Joel W. Pratt
Dr. Rella M. Pressman
Dr. Charles J. Purma II
Quality Hill Playhouse
Ms. Yona Rasynouvong
Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Linda Rathke
Dr. Brenton Reavley
Dr. Robert W. Rechtien, Jr.
Dr. Marvin W. Reed
Ms. Kimberly Ann Resz
Dr. Alison L. Riekhof
Dr. Russell and Ms. Sylvia Riggs
Dr. H. Grant Ritchey, Sr.
Dr. Scott A. Roberson
Ms. Celeste L. Roberts
Dr. John M. Roberts
Dr. David G. Robison
Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Annelle Rogers
Ms. Jessica Ronholm
Root Laboratory, Inc.
Dr. Steve A. Rueb
Drs. Patrick and Janet Ruopp
Ms. Melissa A. Saad
Dr. Cesar and Ms. Lydia Sabates
Ms. Lynda Sabetes
Mr. John Sander and Dr. Kristen Sander
Dr. Ben Sandoval
Dr. Keerthana M. Satheesh
Dr. John L. Sauer
Dr. Suzanne K. Saville
Dr. David A. Schaefer
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Bonnie Schanda
Dr. Morton and Ms. Marianne Schreiber
Dr. Michael and Ms. Regina Schultes
Dr. Maice A Scott
Dr. Lendall C. Shell
Dr. William E. Shellhart
Dr. Cynthia E. Sherwood
Ms. Angelika E. Skulavik-Brown
Dr. Lonnie and Mrs. Connie Slapar
Mrs. Anne Horowitz Slaughter
Ms. Mildred Sloan
Dr. Ricky D. Smith
Dr. Woody Soonattrakul
Dr. Frank and Ms. Sandy Spalitto
Dr. Peter J. Spalitto
Dr. Daniel G. Stamos
Dr. David E. Stamos
Mr. Tyler Stanley
Dr. Fallon Leigh Stiens
Ms. Kathleen M. Steele
Ms. Coral M. Stegen
Dr. Alan M. Stoll
Dr. Robert A. Strathman
Mr. Stanley Streit
Dr. Brian S. Sutton
Ms. McKenzie Swan
Mr. Keir and Dr. Ashley Swisher
Dr. Thomas A. Switzer
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Patricia Tallon
Dr. Morris and Ms. Dolores Talbert
Ms. Tiffany Tavares
Mr. Neil Taylor
Ms. McKenzi Taylor
Dr. Michelle L. Teoh
Mr. Shawn M. Terryberry
Dr. Alan G. Thibault
Dr. Pat and Mrs. Cheryl Titterington
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Margo Toth
Tower Ortho Lab, Inc.
Dr. Gary and Ms. Phyllis Traub
Trojan Express LLC
Dr. Misty H. Trybom
Dr. Charles R. Tucker
Mr. Matt Tucker
Dr. Erin Uwaine
Ms. Sandra Vader
Dr. Tan H. Van
Dr. Jody B. Vance
Dr. Richard A. Verderame
Ms. Ngoc Vo
Mr. Paul and Ms. Marsha Voelker
Ms. Jeannette W. Vogt
Dr. Todd Vogel
Dr. Paul A. Vollmer
Dr. Michael J Wacker
Dr. James R. Wade
Waldo Pizza
Dr. Mary A. Walker
Dr. Vicki L. Waring
Dr. Nevin and Mrs. Lois Waters
Ms. Sally M. Watson
Dr. Suzanne Watson
Dr. Dale and Ms. Joan Watts
Dr. Ronald M. Wayt
Dr. Raymond T. Webber
Dr. Dennis Weibel
Dr. Kenneth J. Weinand
Dr. Linda M. Wells
Mr. Donald and Ruth West Family Trust
Dr. Robert T. Wheatley
Ms. Elizabeth White
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Jan Willits
Mr. Chad Wind
Wines by Jennifer
Mrs. Stacey Winkelbauer
Dr. Donald B. Wilcoxon
Wilcoxon Orthodontics
Dr. Brett Wilson
Dr. David and Ms. Carrie Woodard
Dr. Dean and Ms. Nancy Wright
Dr. Diane Perkins Wuthnow
Dr. Donald T. Yoshizumi
Mrs. Kelda M. Zabel
Dr. Dez and Ms. Bridgit Ziegenhorn
Mr. Adam Zweig