Donor Honor Roll

Every effort has been made to accurately list each donor who has supported the UMKC School of Dentistry from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. If you notice an error, we apologize and ask you to call the Office of Alumni and Development, 816-235-2060.

$100,000 - $499,999
Mrs. Judith P. Dykhouse
GEHA Solutions
$50,000 - $99,999
Dr. P. Nick and Ms. Christie Rogers
Dr. Jerome K. Reid
$25,000- $49,999
McDavid Dental Educational Trust
$10,000- $24,999
Dr. Shara M. Dunlap
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Richelle Fujioka
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Terri Klein
Dr. Paul E. and Mrs. Doris Hund
William Reed Jr. Estate
Dr. Thomas A. Jones
Spillers Family Foundation
Thompson Family Foundation
$5,000- $9,999
Dr. Gary and Ms. Pamela Brown
Dr. Sam and Mrs. B. Jeannene Hayes
Dr. Justin R. Kohlhorst
Dr. Pamela R. Overman
Dr. Scott Robinson
Dr. Crystal and Mr. Robin Walker
$2,500 - $4,999
Advent Health Shawnee Mission
Dr. Richard L. Briscoe
Dr. Zachary L. Brown
Dr. Patrick D. Christopher
Dr. Jerry and Ms. Leslie Fankhauser
Dr. Mariah and Mr. Lance Frazier
Dr. Randall S. Honda
Dr. Brent L. Kincaid
Dr. Michael A. LeBlanc
Dr. Richardson L. McGuire
Dr. Mark R. and Mrs. Barbara Medina
Dr. Wendy D. Reynolds
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Marie Robison
Dr. Jacquelyn R. Sloop
Dr. Michael Strand
UMKC Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Association
$1,000 - $2,499
AGA Group
Dr. Robert H. Altomare
Dr. Richard Lawrence Anema
Dr. Dean S. Arashiro and Dr. Margaret C. Garcia-Arashiro
Drs. Mark and Melodee Armfield
Dr. Daniel Bednarczyk
Dr. Aaron Michael Bumann
Dr. Mary Hagan Burke
Ms. Sherry M. Burns
Dr. David and Renee Cacchillo
Dr. Kyle K. Catron
Dr. Armand and Ms. Cathy Chong
Dr. Wesley and Ms. Frances Choy
Commerce Bank
Dr. Fred W. Distelhorst
Adrianne Evans
Foundation For Endodontics
Dr. John and Ms. Victoria Franks
Dr. and Mrs. Milton M. Fujiuchi
Dr. Neil and Mrs. Carol Furuya
Dr. Stuart G. Gibby
Dr. Eric Gottman and Dr. Kyong Kong
Dr. Stephen Harrison
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Rosalyn Hiramoto
Dr. Matthew and Dr. Larinda Hlavacek
Drs. Brad and Jill Jenkins
Jett Fund, Dr. and Mrs. Harry Jett
Mark L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Dr. M. Conrad Journee
Dr. Kurt and Ms. Stephanie Kavanaugh
Dr. Liz Kaz
Dr. John and Mrs. Ann Koehler
Dr. Larry G. Kutina
Dr. Charles E. and Mrs. Angela Leins
Dr. T. Wayne and Ms. Linda Lewis
Drs. Darren and Sarah Mahaffey
Dr. Daniel Margolis
Mr. William A. Marse
Dr. Mark A. Massey
Drs. David and Emily Mattingly
Missouri Dental Association
Dr. George and Mrs. Andrea Myers
Dr. Paul McGraw and Dr. Nancy Newhouse
Dr. Daniel C. Nielson
Drs. Todd Pankratz and Jessica Meeske
Dr. James and Ms. Helen Parrott
Patricia Pierce
Procter & Gamble
Dr. Suzanne M. and Mr. William C. Quigg
Dr. Peter and Ms. Letticia Robinson
Dr. Thomas L. Russell
Mr. Jay T. Shadwick and Ms. Dianne Z. Shadwick
Dr. Rodger L. Suchman
Drs. David and Kelly Suchman
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Loretta Tabata
Tigras Charitable Foundation
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Tira
UMKC Foundation
Juliya Vaghani
Dr. Asvin Vasanthan
Dr. Stephanie M. Warden
Dr. Douglas A. Wyckoff
Young Charitable Remainder Trust Fund
Estate Gifts
These donors have indicated that the UMKC School of Dentistry is in their estate plan. We are grateful for the lasting legacy they are creating.

Dr. Lloyd Alquist*
Anonymous Donor
Dr. Dan L. Blackwell
Dr. Robert E. Butler
Dr. James M. Callender III*
Ms. Louise G. Chapman*
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Lucille E. Cowan*
Florence Irene Dengel*
Dr. J. Dennis Dlabal
Dr. David K. H. Dung*
Dr. Adam Edwin Ericsson*
Mr. Leonard Faulconer Jr.*
Dr. Newell O. Feeley*
Dr. Brett L. Ferguson
Dr. John E. Franks Jr.
Dr. Frank R. Fullerton Jr.*
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Marguerite Fyler*
Dr. John D. Gardner
Dr. Otis B. Gentry*
Mrs. Ruth Somers Gilman*
Dr. Patrick K. Hardman
Dr. Grant B. Hatfield Jr.*
Dr. Richard M. Haun*
Dr. William J. Hayden Jr.
Dr. Phil E. Held
Mrs. Carolyn Abney Hodges
Dr. Frank J. Holtz*
Dr. Harry Jett*
Mrs. Hazel Johns*
Colonel Onas Johns*
Dr. Gregory K. Johnson
Dr. Michael G. Johnson*
Dr. Theron C. Johnson
Dr. Thomas A. Jones*
Dr. J. Edward Kendrick
Dr. Dan L. Lavitt
Dr. Carolyn S. Magnuson
Dr. Grant W. Merritt
Dr. Michael L. Milford
Dr. William and Mrs. Bonney Miller*
Ms. Ida Mae Niblo*
Dr. James W. Osborne
Dr. Robert E. Peterson*
Dr. V. Leroy Riley*
Myrtle H. Rinehart*
Ms. Tomiyo Seo*
Dr. William F. Slagle Jr.
Mrs. Eloise Sloan*
Mr. John and Mrs. Effie Speas*
Dr. Charles F. Squire
Dr. Rodger L. Suchman
Dr. Donald J. Thompson*
Dr. George X. Trimble*
Ms. Rosemary L. Wiley*
Dr. Terry C. Williams
Professor Emeritus Leslie Young Jr.*