AEP Participants

2021 GRADUATES of the UMKC School of Dentistry participated in the school’s Admissions Enhancement Program (AEP), which was renamed to Students in Training, in Academia, Health and Research (STAHR).

Jay Bhakta, 2016
Paraskevi Panousis,2016
Magdalena Bronakowska, 2015
Izad Riazi, 2013
Jodi Nguyen, 2016
Brianne Schmiegelow, 2015

The STAHR Ambassador program provides structured mentoring support to current DDS students. Faculty members meet monthly with students to provide support, and students attend workshops exploring the themes of academic development, leadership, identity and
interprofessionalism. STAHR is a HRSA-funded collaboration between the Schools of Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medicine, and provides support to students from educationally and/oreconomically-disadvantaged backgrounds.

STAHR Ambassadors who graduated this year
Shurouk Alkharabsheh
Meredith Gomes
Alandrah Bailey
Kim Kha
Carlos Criss
Njeri Penda