Dental Hygiene Shadowing at the UMKC SOD

The shadowing experience allows prospective students the opportunity to sit chair-side while a dental hygiene student treats patients.

Students must arrive for shadowing by 9 am for the morning session or 1pm for the afternoon session. You will not be able to shadow if it is past the start time when you arrive.

In order to best serve all prospective students, please choose only one shadowing session per academic semester (e.g. fall, spring, summer).

The dress code is business casual or scrubs. No open-toed shoes or jeans are permitted. Socks are required. Long hair must be pulled back. Please do not wear strong smelling perfumes, colognes, lotions, etc. as these can cause headaches or allergic reactions for our patients. Please cancel and reschedule your shadowing appointment if you are exhibiting symptoms of illness such as sneezing, coughing, etc.

Parking passes are available for non-UMKC students. Parking passes can be acquired from the Office of Student Programs on the 4th floor, suite 420. It is the first office to your right when you come off the elevator. There is also street and metered parking available around the school.

Visitors with a pass should park in the surface lot at 25th & Charlotte (#28A). UMKC students with student parking permits should park in parking structure at 24th & Charlotte (#28). It is the visitor’s responsibility to pay the meter if they choose to park in a meter spot.

Once parked, please sign in at the Office of Student Programs.

To shadow during a Morning Session, please follow this link:

Morning Shadowing

To dental shadow during our Afternoon Session please follow this link:

Afternoon Shadowing