Students and Faculty Help Provide Dental Care to Some 250 Area Children at Team Smiles Event at Arrowhead Stadium

Students from UMKC School of Dentistry participated with the Team Smiles event and the Kansas City Chiefs. 16 Dental students and 3 faculty assisted with screening and Radiology to provide dental care to approximately 250 children from the Kansas City metro area. Many of the current Chiefs players also attended and provided emotional support to the children. Participants included Chelsea Runez Brown, Nuvia Lemus-Diaz, Edward Bagtas, Yiou Guo, Allie Moss, Alyssa Kieschnick, Seyyed Mahmoudjafari, Chandler Robertson, Abigail Frazier, Tara Craven, Rachael Gore, Michelle Pace, Elizabeth Mitchell, Madison Riggs, Victoria Ratcliffe, and Micayla Shrimpton along with School of Dentistry faculty Drs. Eileen Cocjin, Becky Smith and Michael McCunniff. Yona Rasynouvong provided care as a dental hygienist.

Photos here.