Seniors Honored at SNDA/HSDA Send Off

On Sunday, April 28, the Student National Dental Association /Hispanic Student Dental Association hosted its annual “Senior Send Off” for the graduating SNDA/HSDA members. The celebration is in recognition of fulfillment of academic and clinical requirements for the Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. The event also was also an expression of appreciation for the senior’s outstanding community service and leadership.

The celebration was held over breakfast at the Eggtc. Restaurant at 51st and Main. Approximately 36 students, faculty and family members were in attendance. Among the twelve senior honorees were: Arianna Jackson (DDS class of 2019), Camden Tokunaga (DDS class of 2019) , Hai Ping Sun( DDS CLASS OF 2019), Joanna Barnes (DDS class of 2019), Katherine Dumbell ( DDS class of 2019), Mohammed Nuru (DDS CLASS OF 2019), Rashin Alipour (DDS class of 2019), Ronnie Marquez( DDS class of 2019), Teresa Nguyen (DDS CLASS OF 2019), Tiffany Nguyen (DDS class of 2019), Summer Issa (DDS class of 2019) and Mohammad Alshaye (DDS class of 2019) who received plaques and pen sets.

The SNDA/HDSA graduation seniors reciprocated by recognizing several individuals for moral support, encouragement and student advocacy. Derek Williams, DDS, Tanya Gibson, DDS and John L. Cottrell were recognized for exceptional efforts as SNDA/HSDA Faculty Advisors. Dr. Jack Nelson was recognized for his support and active engagement with the Dental Research Explorer Post and Jeff Primos was honored for on-gong efforts and contributions toward diversity and inclusion.

Before departing, the new SNDA/HSDA leadership was introduced: President, Njeri Penda (DDS class of 2021), Vice-President, Kim Kha (DDS class of 2021), Secretary, Lena Adams (DDS class of 2022), Treasurer, Shurouk Allkharabsheh (DDS class of 2021) Social Chairs, Rukevwe Erhenede (DDS class of 2022) , Yasmeen Qadi (DDS class of 2021) and Taylor Johnson (DDS class of 2022). Historians, Carlos Criss (DDS class of 2021) , Meredith Gomez (DDS class of and Shan Ao ( DDS class of 2020. Fundraisers, Yiou Gio (DDS class of and Drew Chatter (DDS class of 2020), Community Chairs, Jodi Nguyen (DDS class of 2021) and Shannon Black (DDS Class of 2022).

Outgoing officers were also recognized: President Anthony Spates and Chanelle Roberts, Secretary, Stephanie Zarrasola (DDS class of 2020), Treasurer, Yiou Guo (DDS class of 2021), Fundraising, Brianna Thompson (DDS class of 2020) and Luxi Swisher ( DDS class of 2020) , Social Chairs, Amber Arshad (DDS class of 2020) , Brittany Daniel (DDS class of 2020) and Yona Rasynouvong (Class of 2020), Historians, Shan Ao (DDS class of 2020) and Nejeri Penda (DDS class of 2021).

Photos from the event.