ELEVEN RETIRNG FACULTY and staff members with more than 250 years of combined service were recognized in September. Their years of service are in parentheses.

Dr. Cindy Amyot (26 years)
Professor and Associate Dean
Distance Education and Faculty Development

Dr. Robert Blundell (9 years)
Associate Clinical Professor

Dr. Bonnie Branson (21 years)
Dental Public Health and Behavioral Science

Dr. Donna Deines (40 years)
Associate Professor
Restorative Clinical Sciences

Patricia Webb (9 years)
Dental Clinic

 Connie Jamison (20 years)
Adjunct Professor, Dental Hygienist

Dr. Jerald Katz (32 years)
Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine

Addie Manlove (39 years)
Dental Assistant
Oral Surgery and Hospital Dentistry

Dr. Carole McArthur (28 years)
Oral & Craniofacial Sciences

Dr. Michael McCunniff (28 years)
Associate Professor and Chair
Dental Public Health and Behavioral Science

Dr. Jack Nelson (7 years)
Associate Clinical Professor
Restorative Clinical Sciences

Caption: Retirement honorees included (front row, from left) Dr. Donna Deines, Connie Jamison, Dr. Bonnie Branson, Dr. Jerald Katz, (back row) Dr. Michael McCunniff and Dr. Jack Nelson.