Musculoskeletal Histology Core

Our goal is to support researchers in the Center of Excellence for the Study of Dental and Musculoskeletal Tissues (CEMT) to help them achieve high quality bone and muscle histology and histomorphometry. The core provides standardized histology protocols, hands on training in performing these techniques, oversight of quality and other services.

1. Tissue dissection and fixation
2. Standard paraffin, plastic, cryostat sectioning
3. Plastic and cryostat sectioning of mineralized tissue specimens
4. Standard histology staining techniques
5. Specialized staining techniques for mineralized tissues and muscle
6. Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence
7. In situ hybridization
8. Whole mount mouse skeletal staining
9. Whole mount mouse immunofluorescence (double labels)
10. Taking high quality photomicrographs
11. Dynamic and static bone histomorphometry
12. Preparation of mineralized tissue samples for SEM and TEM
1. Ensuring section quality/good cell morphology
2. Optimizing antibody staining procedures
3. Troubleshooting histology techniques
4. Assistance with setting up new protocols

See the fee table for information on service fees. Note that Service fees may vary depending on the service provided, animal type, tissue type, section procedure, staining method, sample size, deadline, etc