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Barbara Adkins
Clinical Research Coordinator

Volunteers for Clinical Trials

Research volunteers play an essential role at UMKC. Volunteers are part of pioneering studies on oral diseases, medicines and medical devices taking shape at the School of Dentistry’s Clinical Research Center (CRC). Participants receive the same standard of care offered at all UMKC dental school clinics.

Benefits of Participating in a Clinical Trial

  • Dental evaluation examinations are provided at no charge, including recommendations to achieve and maintain oral health.
  • Staff with specialized knowledge of  oral health and oral/systemic health connections and treatments
  • Some treatments are provided as part of a specific research study
  • Some studies provide patient payments for participation
  • Your participation helps advance our scientific understanding of oral diseases, medicines or devices used to treat oral diseases, and the oral/systemic disease connections which ultimately serves to improve overall health

What to expect

All new research patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation examination to determine eligibility to participate in our research studies. The evaluation is free and will include suggestions for follow-up treatment plans. Research focuses strictly on study needs not treatment needs. However some patients may qualify to be treated at no cost as part of the scientific work. Other times our staff will refer you to an outside clinic, where fees will apply. Patients can expect their evaluation team to provide a thorough verbal and written explanation of your follow-up options before making a treatment referral.

Our studies vary and sometimes call for volunteers with extensive dental work. Other times we need patients with no dental problems. Participants must be 18 or older. Some volunteers qualify for payment.

Our research needs change regularly. Volunteers who don’t immediately qualify for a study can register in our research patient database and be alerted to future studies.

Independent Review

All research projects at CRC are reviewed and approved by the independent Institutional Review Board, whose primary goal is to protect volunteers. Each study is carefully scrutinized by many knowledgeable scientists, clinicians and advocates representing research volunteers. They evaluate studies and confirm that all the risks have been carefully explained to participants. They also make sure that volunteers are provided detailed written and verbal explanation of the procedures and time requirements.

Getting Started

To receive more information or schedule an evaluation, reach us at 816-235-2200, or sign up on our patient information form.

Location of UMKC School of Dentistry Clinical Research Center (CRC)

The Clinical Research Center is located in a dedicated area on the first floor of the School of Dentistry on the west end of the building.  (map)  It is located in the Dr. Charles Dunlap Innovation Center for Research and Education in Technology in room 101. There are signs directing you to its location from the first and second floor of the Dental School.

Parking Information and Map
Parking is available behind the School of Dentistry at 25th and Holmes Street and additional parking is located at 25th and Charlotte St (map).

Bus Schedules/Routes

The following bus routes stop on UMKC Volker Campus and at UMKC Hospital Hill Campus. The Clinical Research Center (CRC) is located in UMKC School of Dentistry on the Hospital Hill Campus.  These bus routes go from Volker Boulevard to 25th Street. Click here  for bus schedules and routes.