Oral and Craniofacial Sciences Graduates

The following 5 students completed the requirements for the Oral and Craniofacial Sciences MS degree. Congratulations!
Thesis Projects:
Dr. Andrew Eichholz- Esthetic Smile Preferences of Dental Professionals
Dr. Mark Greenburg- The Use of Digital Study Models and Perceptions Towards Existing Digital Model Software
Dr. Kelcey Loveland- Coated and Uncoated Nickel-Titanium Archwires: Mechanical Property and Surface Topography Response to a Simulated Oral Environment With and Without Bracket-Related Load Deflection Induced Stress
Dr. Jessica Scully- Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Mandibular Overdentures Supported by Mini-Implants
Dr. Stephen Harrison- Effects of Alpha-Tocopherol Antioxidant on the Bonding Properties of Resin Adhesive to Dentin Bleached with Sodium Perborate
Photos from their thesis defenses.