No Shortage of Talent – or Fun

Valentine’s Day was made extra special at the School of Dentistry when the Student National Dental Association / Hispanic Dental Association produced the annual Staff, Faculty & Student Variety Show. The noontime show at the School of Dentistry offered comedy, dance, instrumental music and several vocalists in styles ranging from folk and pop to opera.

The mistresses of ceremonies were Njeri Penda (D3), SNDA/HSDA President and Kim Kha (D3), SNDA/HSDA Vice Presidents.

Performers included:

Janette Martinez, (Office Support Assistant-Dental Clinic), performed a humor routine

Shanon Black (D3) and Katie Baker (DH 2021) performed crowd-pleasing songs from classic rock favorites.

Darby Lewis (DH 2021) entertained the crowd with an Irish Step Dance

Erin Gilmore (Sr. Technical Support Assistant-BMC), and Brenda Everhart, (Officer Supervisor-Dental Hygiene) performed solos in opera and gospel.

Dr. Robert Hurst (Assistant Clinical Professor, Restorative), Katherine Hayes and Luke Komotos (D2s) and Casey Aschinger (D1) played guitar and/or ukulele while singing original songs.

The welcoming and closing remarks were given by faculty advisers, Dr. Tiffany Tavares (Clinical Assistant Professor, Oral Pathology) and Derek William (Clinical Associate Professor, Restorative)

Photos here.