Medallion and pin recipient

Medallion and Pin Recipients


The Rinehart Medallion honors the memory of Dr. Roy J. Rinehart, longtime dean of the UMKC School of Dentistry. The Rinehart Medallion is bestowed on alumni and friends of the school who have distinguished themselves through philanthropy or service. Each year, Rinehart Medallions are given to recognize lifetime donors of $10,000 or more. Annual donations to the Rinehart Foundation provide the Schoolof Dentistry invaluable support that enables it to improve the quality and expand the scope of its educational, research, clinical and outreach programs.

Orville E. Brown (DDS ’64)
Andrew R. Bruening (DDS ’14)
Marilyn S. Harrington (BSDH ’69)
Steven D. Malmstrom (DDS ’77, ORTH ’80)
Alan J. Martin (DDS ’82)
Charles C. McGinty (DDS ’77)
Addy Mohn (DDS ’04)
Charles Neale (DDS ’57)
Wendy D. Reynolds (DDS ’95)
Allan Y. Segawa (DDS ’73)
James B. Trotter (DDS ’76)
Bradley C. Wright (DDS ’82)

Many of our alumni have continued to give long after they received their Rinehart Medallion. We recognize their continued generosity and the impact of their gifts by awarding a lapel pin to donors at the $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 lifetime giving levels.

$25,000 – $49,999
John D. Gardner (DDS ’79)
Charles L. Mahaffey (DDS ’72)
James S. Torchia (DDS ’57, ORTH ’59)

$50,000 – $99,999
W. Scott Robinson (DDS ’86)
P. Nick Rogers (DDS ’78)
John C. Windle (DDS ’49)

Mary J. Matson
Clyde S. Umaki (DDS ’68, PERIO ’70)

CAPTION: Medallion and pin recipient Dr. Charles L. Mahaffey (DDS ’72) was congratulated by Dr. Andrew Moore (DDS ’99), Rinehart Foundation president.