Legacy Students

THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY is proud to have many multigen­erational families and realizes success comes in part from its rich history, with roots stretching back to 1881. Here are the legacy students from the D.D.S. Class of 2025 and D.H. Class of 2023.

Kayla Burdette:
Richard D. Crowder (D.D.S. ’06), father; Richard E. Crowder (D.D.S. ‘73, Orthodontics ‘76), grandfather; H.D. Crowder (D.D.S. ’53), great grandfather; Darlene Klassen (D.H. ’63), great aunt

Alex Gardner:
Jeffry Gardner (D.D.S. ‘97), father

Luke Hanby:
Charles Hanby (D.D.S. ’73), cousin; Jacky Standlee (D.D.S. ’85), cousin

Seth Hofheins:
Donald Hofheins (D.D.S. ’85), father

Samuel Huckabee:
Samuel Huckabee (D.D.S. ’95), father; Melanie Bishop Huckabee (D.D.S. ’94), mother

Karan Kaur:
Jamandeep Kaur (D.D.S. ’20), sister-in-law

Monty Lyddon:
Tricia Pellet (D.H. ’74), mother

Jentry Muck:
Janice Bausch (D.H. ’84), aunt

Nathaniel Prather:
Joshua Prather (D.D.S. ’17), brother

Elizabeth Quinn:
Alicia Douglass (D.D.S. ’08), cousin

Cameron Robertson:
Derek Magers (D.D.S. ’13), cousin

Nick Setser:
Craig Lashley (D.D.S. ’98), uncle; Alexandra Lashley (D.D.S. ’23), cousin

Connor Williams:
Jarrod Williams (D.D.S. ’00), father

Scott Wilson:
Donald Wilson (D.D.S. 93, Orthodontics ’95), father; Kimberly Wilson (D.H. ’92), mother