Legacy Students

THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY is proud to have many multigenerational families and realizes its success comes in part from its rich history, with roots stretching back to 1881. Here are the legacy students from the DDS Class of 2022 and DH Class of 2020.

Jumanah Behbehani: cousin, Dr. Faraj Behbehani (DDS ’96); cousin Mohammad Behbehani (DDS ’20)

Anna Bowden: father, Dr. Scott K. Bowden (DDS ’93)

Marie Brancato: great uncle, Dr. Joseph P. Spalitto (DDS ’72)

Garrett Craigmiles: sister, Dr. Haylea Craigmiles (DDS ’18)

Emery Driskill: stepmother, Becky Walden (BSDH ’87)

Ashley Eylar: aunt, Julia Eylar (BSDH ’84); grandfather, Walter Eylar (DDS ’54)

Anna Faulkner: sister, Dr. Laura (DDS Faulkner) Moore (DDS ’18, Ortho ’19)

Jackson Green: father, Dr. Steven Green (DDS ’93)

Zaynab Hussam: sister, Dr. Maice Scott (DDS ’09); brother, Sainy Hussam (DDS ’19)

Justin Jirovec: father, Dr. Donald Jirovec Jr. (DDS ’85); grandfather, Dr. Donald Jirovec Sr. (DDS ’42); uncle, Dr. John Zongker  (DDS ’76); aunt, Karen (Jirovec) Zongker  (BSDH ’73); aunt, Mary Shelby  (BSDH ’78)

Stephanie Kubik: father, Dr. Francis Kubik  (DDS ’81)

Nicole Kurlbaum: spouse, Dr. Scuyler Kurlbaum  (DDS ’17); cousin, Dr. Ian Kuklenski  (DDS ’17); aunt, Sally Kuklenski  (BSDH ’71)

Gerald Lutz: father, Dr. Mike A. Lutz  (DDS ’88)

Samantha Mahaffey: grandfather, Dr. Charles Mahaffey  (DDS ’72); uncle, Dr. Darren Mahaffey (DDS ’05); aunt, Dr. Sarah (Brown) Mahaffey  (DDS ’05)

Katherine Mattingly, Kevin Mattingly: brother, Dr. David Mattingly (DDS ’10); sister-in-law, Dr. Emily Mattingly (DDS ’12)

Idean Mohammadi: brother, Dr. Sasha Mohammadi  (DDS ’18)

Taylar Morgan: cousin’s spouse, Dr. Jerrod Crawford (DDS ’09); cousin’s spouse, Dr. Jake Kirby (DDS ’12); uncle, Dr. James Kulild (DDS ’73)

Grant Oehler: uncle, Dr. Ross Sethman (DDS ’81); sister, Emily Oehler (DDS ’19)

Alex Prstojevich: father, Dr. Steven Prstojevich (DDS ’86); brother, Cole Prstojevich (DDS ’20)

Marvin Rice: father, Dr. Elwood Rice (DDS ’82)

Mollie Siemens: uncle, Dr. Andrew Hamilton (DDS ’96); aunt, Dr. Rebecca Mathis (DDS ’83)

Bryan Smith: cousin, Dr. David Britt (DDS ’08)

Mikayla Stevens: father, Dr. Paul Stevens (DDS ’95); sister, Dr. Nicole (Stevens) Vogel (DDS ’11); brother-in-law, Dr. Christopher Vogel  (DDS DDS ’11, Oral Surgery ’16)

Glenn Teubner: father, Dr. Daniel G. Teubner (DDS ’85)