Faculty Award Nomination

EACH YEAR, the graduating Dental and Dental Hygiene Classes are asked to select a faculty member to honor whom the class deems as most influential on their dental education. We are pleased to include the nominating remarks made by Dental Class of 2021 President, Cassandra Shannon, at the class’s hooding and honors event:

The faculty member our class has nominated consistently goes above and beyond for all students. They are the first member on the clinic floor to welcome the inexperienced and nervous third-year students and the last one to make sure you have all requirements completed as we try to rush out of the doors upon graduation. This faculty is commonly seen sticking around clinic late in the afternoons. During any given clinic session, it is not uncommon to see this faculty member working with a student on an initial comprehensive exam, another student on an operative competency, another student on a crown prep, another student on a denture and will even gladly check your prophy if you ask!

Despite all that has happened with the clinic due to COVID, it has been a true blessing that almost everyone in my class had the wonderful opportunity to work with this faculty member. To wrap up this award, here are some direct quotes from my class:

“This faculty is the calming presence that is necessary to have in the clinic.”

“Extremely knowledgeable, patient, and is very good at teaching real practical skills.”

“Goes above and beyond always. Never tells you that they can’t help you.”

“The best ever. Thank you.”


On behalf of my class, I am elated to present this award to Dr. Doug Pearson (DDS ’77), Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Restorative Clinical Sciences at the UMKC School of Dentistry!