Robert Blundell

Clinical Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Endodontics

Room 231A

School of Dentistry

Phone: 816-235-6196


Robert E. Blundell, DDS is a Clinical Associate Professor and the Chair of the Endodontics Department, UMKC School of Dentistry since 2011. He received his DDS from UMKC in 1979 and his residency certificate in advanced endodontics in 1992 from the Naval Postgraduate Dental School in Bethesda, MD. Dr.Blundell entered the US Navy Dental Corps in 1981 and spent 26 years practicing dentistry at various locations throughout the world. After completing his advanced education program in endodontics Dr. Blundell was in charge of several endodontic departments before returning to Bethesda in 1999 as an endodontic faculty member. His last 4 years in the Navy were spent teaching the endodontic section of the GPR at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth VA. After retiring from the Navy as a 06/Captain, Dr. Blundell spent a few years in private practice and as a contract endodontist for the US Army at Fort Leonard Wood. Shortly thereafter Dr.Blundell accepted a part-time position teaching endodontics at UMKC. He became a full time Clinical Associate Professor in 2009 and was appointed Chair in 2011.