Dental Hygiene Students Educate Community

UMKC DENTAL HYGIENE STUDENTS are providing important oral health care instruction to a variety of patient populations.  While the locations vary year-to-year, this year they are working with Special Olympics Missouri, Rose Brooks Center, KC Care Clinic, and Operation Breakthrough. Students will assess, plan, implement and evaluate a program for individuals who may not have access to professional dental care.

Senior dental hygiene students decorated oral hygiene kits for chil­dren ages 3-5 at Operation Breakthrough as part of the course, Anchor 314: Interdisciplinary Oral Health Field Experiences. The children will receive the bags as well as custom oral health presentations from the students. This is an annual project for students to showcase their ability to tailor their oral health communication and promotion strategies to any age. The children at Operation Breakthrough receive consistent support in accessing their best oral health from a local community partner!