Dental Class of 2024 and Dental Hygiene Class of 2023 Transition into the Profession

Care. Dedication. Trust. Integrity. Respect. Compassion. Responsibility. Self-Improvement.

These were some of the words emphasized by the students and speakers at the annual Transitioning Into the Profession Ceremony.

The ceremony was held at the Unity Temple on the Plaza on Friday, June 3, 2022. The ceremony welcomed the DDS Class of 2024 and DH Class of 2023 to the clinical phase of their educational programs. Dr. Lance Godley, Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, served as the master of ceremonies, along with Dean Steven Haas who welcomed and shared remarks with the over 1,000 participants in attendance. Each class also choose influential faculty members to provide keynotes. Professor Julie Sutton was chosen by the dental hygiene class and Dr. Luke Wezeman was chosen by the dental class. Following the remarks each class in unison rose to read their respective Code of Ethics, which were then signed by each class member as they crossed the stage after being presented with a white coat (DDS students) or scrubs (DH students). Students left the ceremony with a reaffirmed dedication to their patients, education, each other, and their profession. Family and friends witnesses their affirmation and celebrated the significant step each student has arrived at.  Supporters from several dental organizations contributed to the ceremony and included the following:  Dr. Roy J. Rinehart Memorial Foundation, Dental Hygiene Alumni Association, Dental Alumni Association; Pierre Fauchard Academy, Heart of America Dental Association, Missouri Dental Hygienists’ Association, Missouri Dental Association, Kansas Dental Association, and the Kansas Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Photos from the ceremony at the links below

Candid photos 

DDS Class of 2024 Signing Class Code and Receiving Their White Coats

DDS Class of 2024 Portraits in Their White Coats

DH Class of 2023 Signing Class Code and Receiving Clinic Scrubs

DH Class of 2023 Portraits with their Clinic Scrubs

DDS and DH Class Group Photos