COVID-19 Update

Application Deadlines
The priority deadline for this current 2020-2021 application has been changed from September 1 to September 15.  The final deadline has been changed from October 1 to October 15.

Spring 2020 Semester Grades
We understand the challenges facing applicants and their families during this unprecedented time and the importance to support and be flexible with students as they navigate these uncertainties.  Many universities are allowing students to decide whether they would like to change some courses if not all for this spring 2020 semester to pass/fail or credit/no credit.  We would still encourage applicants to retain the traditional letter grade if given the option.  If that is not an option and the student opted for credit/no credit or pass/fail we will accept that course.  We will also accept the credit or pass option as fulfilling our prerequisite should the student decide this option in a prerequisite course.   Students who had their coursework changed to online and/or pass/fail will not be penalized.  The pass/fail or credit/no credit option would have a neutral impact on a students’ GPA.  Students must keep in mind the importance of the prerequisite foundation to success in dental school and continue to apply themselves in all courses.  We believe that now, more than ever, we need to support students with flexible options that uphold our high academic standards but also acknowledge the significant disruption to their lives as students at this time.

Shadowing & Community Service Updates
We understand that during these times applicants for the fall 2020 admissions cycle have many difficulties to face.

Dental shadowing and volunteer work are important factors in developing an understanding of dentistry, and service to community.

As shadowing and volunteer opportunities will be limited over the summer, the admissions committee will take into consideration these unusual circumstances in regards to meeting the shadowing and volunteer hour requirements.

Applicants are encouraged to continue these experiences as soon as it is realistic. Applicants can also list pending or planned activities for the fall semester on their applications.

DAT Scores
We are monitoring the situation in regards to the DAT and testing centers.  As of right now, you can submit your application and list a future or planned DAT date.  We will review applications as they come in and see that your DAT is coming.  Applicants can also send us a picture of the unofficial DAT score report,  which is given out the day of the test. We can use that as a place holder until official scores process to continue our review process. Unofficial DAT scores can be emailed to

Online Courses
The UMKC School of Dentistry will accept online classes as long as they are coming from an accredited college or university.  The Admissions Committee does prefer on-campus classes vs. online, but many colleges and universities have gone to online formats due to Covid-19 for the Spring and possibly Summer semesters of 2020 so students will not be penalized for taking classes in this format.