Class Notes

Classes of the 1960s
Leland Carlson (DDS ’61) has been married to wife, Eileen, for 60 years last December. Their health is good and they are living in a villa in Friendship Village in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Mervyn Chang (DDS ’66) is semi­retired and has diplomat status. He enjoys golfing, biking and hiking. He has climbed Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kailash in Tibet, Mount Jomolhari in Bhutan and Mount Whitney in California.

Rudolph E. Dittrich (DDS ’66) is still working three days a week and enjoying it.

John Hughes (DDS ’66) retired in 2019.

Eric Johnson (DDS ’66) retired at age 70 from orthodontic practice. He’s playing golf and traveling some. He has six grandchildren and has been married to his wife, Becky, for 53 years.

William Marley (DDS ’66) received patent #7942670B2 for locking screw heads of implant screws to prevent loosening.

Michael Milford (DDS ’66) retired in 2010 and moved to St. George, Utah, in 2016. He plays golf and says he and his wife are doing fairly well and enjoy having family that live within four hours of them.

Bill Ramlow (DDS ’66, ORTHO ’73)
is living in Columbia, Missouri, and spending winters in Mexico.

Peter Robinson (DDS ’66) is actively teaching at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry as a clinical professor in periodontics on a volunteer basis.

Herschel Stroud (DDS ’61) has been playing (sounding) taps for Honor Guard for military funerals.

James Whitehead’s (DDS ’61) wife passed in December 2018.
Stephen Zacker (DDS ’66) did not marry until age 60. He has three beautiful granddaughters and retired in 2017.

Classes of the 1970s 
Nancy Bruns Theiling (BSDH ’74) retired after 46 years of practicing dental hygiene, all at the original practice where she started in St. Louis. She has worked for three dentists and has enjoyed working over the years with many families that are still patients.

William Cook (DDS ’71, ORTHO ’74) is enjoying retirement and raising angus cattle.

Ronald Finley (DDS ’76) retired in June 2017.

Larry Hargreaves (DDS ’71) is still working two offices full time.

Del Hiesterman (DDS ’76) has traveled to South Africa, Poland and Italy since the last class reunion.

Dalton Hunt (DDS ’76) is still practicing full time and living on his “farmette.”

Joern (DDS ’76) sold his practice in 2016, sold the medical building in 2020 and is now enjoying seeing patients three days a week. “Dentistry is my hobby and I love it!”

Kenneth Koenke (DDS ’76) and wife, Judi, live in coastal Maine. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2005 and moved to Maine. He worked in a dental office for five years and retired.

Douglas Miller (DDS ’71) and his wife, Jody, are fine and living in Arkansas. They are sailing when possible. He still works part-time and enjoys it. “Stay in touch.”

Edward Mitchell (DDS ’71) retired from the U.S. Army in 2006 at the rank of colonel. He is board certified by the American Board of General Dentistry and Certifying Board of General Dentistry.

Reed (DDS ’71) is happily retired in paradise since 2010.

Robert Thousand (DDS ’76) is still working, sailing, boating, flying and fishing.

Daniel Trampe (DDS ’76) retired in 1995.

Richard Worley (DDS ’71) enjoyed winter boating in Florida on a 36-foot Carver Motor Yacht named “2thDoc.”

Classes of the 1980s
William (Billy) Booth (DDS ’81) sold his practice and retired August 1, 2014. He became a grandpa in 2018 and again in 2020. He spends time golfing, fishing and playing music. He had a part in a TV commercial in 2019, playing the part of a retired golfer … no stretch there. He only had one speaking line but had a blast doing it.

Robert Collinge (DDS ’81) sold his practice in 2016 and taught at the Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health from 2013 to 2020. He retired as an assistant professor effective November 2020. A new dentist that he helped train is now the new owner of his old practice. God is good!

John Michael Cornali (DDS ’81) specialized in orthodontics at Loma Linda University from 1999-2001. He retired from dentistry/orthodontics in December 2020 and sold his practice to Andrew McDonald (ORTHO ’16).

David Farley (DDS ’81) and his wife are on a new journey raising a puppy (a Bernese Mountain Dog) named Duke. He still sees classmates several times a year.

Craig Herre (DDS ’81) just served two years as vice president of the American Dental Association. He continues in private practice with his son, Tim (DDS ’04), in Leawood, Kansas.

G. Robert Huffstutter (DDS ’81) is still working full time at his family dental practice in West Monroe, Louisiana. He is also teaching dental hygiene students at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Lynn Kinderknecht (DDS ’86) is still practicing full time with his son Jon (DDS ’12). Four children have given him and his wife nine grandchildren. He’s looking forward to some travel when things open up again.

Lynn Murray (DDS ’81) sold her practice in October 2020, which gives her more time with her adorable granddaughter Arya.

Bill Patton (DDS ’81) retired from the U.S. Army as a colonel in 2005 and retired from practice in 2015. He enjoys attending classic car shows and being a grandparent.

David Petrik (DDS ’81) had been practicing in the Colorado cities of Englewood and Aurora for 10 years. He decided to move to Tampa Bay, Florida where he still practices — mostly on retired patients. He enjoys the Florida waterfront lifestyle, living on the eighth floor of a high-rise building with boat slips. His favorite pastime is walking the sunset on the gulf, eating at waterfront restaurants with friends and still snow skiing — especially since his son lives in Colorado. He loves being a granddad! He remembers all the great parties in Kansas City — disco dancing and XL 3-man gator roll. God bless all!

Randy Sollenberger (DDS ’81) retired in February 2020.

John Tabash (DDS ’81) retired in 2015. He has two grandchildren: William (2 years old) and Caroline (1 year old). He has been married for 35 years to Mary, whom he met during his orthodontic residency, and has lived a blessed life.

John (Jack) Thousand III (DDS ’81) and his son John Thousand IV (CU Dental School), a periodontist, bought R. Thousand’s (DDS ’75) practice in St. Augustine, Florida. His son Daniel Thousand (CU Dental School) is a periodontist partner in Denver, Colorado. Jack sold his partnership in Denver in November 2018 and has been working at VA Truman in Columbia, Missouri.

David Tongate (DDS ’81) will mark this summer as his 40th year in practice. He has three children and five grandchildren. His hobbies include travel and gardening.

Wright (DDS ’81) retired three years ago. He has been married to his wife, Pamela, for 32 years, has three grown, married children and three grandchildren who are 13, 13 and 12 years old.

Classes of the 1990s
Jim Dixson (DDS ’96) just celebrated 16 years of practice in Liberty, Missouri, where he works with his wife, Leigh Anne (BSDH ’02). They have four children — ages 20, 17, 10 and 8 — who keep them busy with all their activities.

Will Giannobile (DDS ’91) took on the role as the 11th dean of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine on September 1, 2020. His wife, Angela, and son, Anthony (age 20), are doing well.

Classes of the 2000s
Jim Craig (DDS ’06) is married with six children.

David Keim (DDS ’01) served six years as lieutenant commander in the United States Public Health Service. He is past president for the Montana Dental Association, dental director for the Shepherd’s Hand Free Dental Jordan Haedt (DDS ’16) has a son, Forrest James, who was born June 18, 2020.

has married since graduation and has spent the last four years in the Air Force. She recently separated from the military and started an orthodontic residency at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Sally Powell (DDS ’01) has been married to husband, Russ, for 22 years. Their twin girls are juniors in high school and starting to look at colleges. She was awarded the AGD Fellowship in 2020.

Mark Tindall (DDS ’01) is married to his wife, Jennifer (DDS ’03), and has three daughters: Tatum (15), Talia (13) and Taizley (10).

Robert Moeller (DDS ’06) is married to his wife, Kim, and has four children: Huck, Crosby, Georgia and Archer. He graduated in 2009 from the University of Louisville Periodontology Residency and started a practice in 2010 in Salina, Kansas. He was Board Certified by the American Board of Periodontology in 2009.

Classes of the 2010s
Koby Ferguson (DDS ’11) was married in 2017. He completed his residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 2018, graduating from Naval Medical Center San Diego. He has two sons born in 2018 and 2020. local politics. She will be pushing reform for legislation regarding sex abuse cases. She has a happy, large dog and cat and is looking forward to getting into building development on the side in St. Louis.

Nectarious Pavlakos (DDS ’16) is now married to wife, Markella, and has a newborn, Vasilios. He currently works part time in private practice and part time at AEGD at the University of New Mexico. He received nominations for Albuquerque’s best dentist and received a faculty excellence award at University of New Mexico.

Grant Snider (DDS ’11) and his wife, Kayla, are expecting their fifth child. He continues to write and illustrate books in addition to working as an orthodontist at Derby Orthodontics.

Micah Snyder (DDS ’11), mom to Asher (born 2013), is the owner and sole dentist at Precision Dental in Lee’s Summit, Missouri (opened June 2014 as a start-up practice).

Michael Menolascino (DDS ’11) has children ages 4, 2 and 1. He lives in Glendale, Missouri.

Andrea Morris (DDS ’11) accepted the role as dental director serving the HIV community at a brand new clinic. She shares that a documentary The Case Died With Her came out in December regarding her sister. Andrea is enjoying life, still playing music and involved in politics.