Class Notes

Classes of the 1960s

James K. Hocott (DDS ’60) is recovered after breaking a hip this summer.

Robert A. McPherson (DDS ’60, Ortho ’67) practiced orthodontics 47 years in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He sold his practice in 2004 and then ran a pecan farm till 2013. He and his wife of 64 years enjoy their four children, 10 grandchildren and a great-grandchild.

George R. Myers (DDS ’65) performs volunteer oral surgery in South Carolina and says he is “becoming adept at dodging hurricanes and alligators.”

G.S. Roller (DDS ’65) is a captain, retired, in the U.S. Navy Reserve and a colonel, active, in the California State Military Reserve.

Robert Simpson (DDS ’65, Ortho, ’68) retired in 2007 and golfs a lot. He mourns the loss of friend and classmate Jim Pride (DDS ’65).

Herb Stanton (DDS ’60) is “retired and enjoying it” in Springfield, Missouri.

Dale Eggleston (DDS ’65) is busy with travel, grandkids, biking and maintaining rentals.

Granvil Hays (DDS ’65) published his second historical novel.

Richard Ochs (DDS ’65) still practices and enjoys time with family, teaching fifth- and sixth-graders in Sunday school, hunting and taking care of his yard.

Bill Smith (DDS ’65) is enjoying his part-time practice limited to TMD and sleep problems, and is working on a research project with data from 73 self-diagnosed TMD patients. He published a book, Growing a Healthy Child: Secrets From a Wise Old Doc, and remains grateful for  wonderful memories of the Class of 1965.

Carlton W. Walker (DDS ’65) has been retired 10 years.

Classes of the 1970s

Dio L. Daily (DDS ’70) is “still practicing two days a week and trying not to get too old.”

Gerald Foley (DDS ’70) retired in 2015.

Armand Giannini (DDS ’70) enjoys family, hunting, fishing and gardening.

Ron Graves (DDS ’70) retired after 44 years practicing oral and maxillofacial surgery.

James M. Hobbs II (DDS ’70) is enjoying life.

Dan Brady (DDS ’75) practiced in Lebanon, Missouri, and retired in 2012.

Donald Fuchs (DDS ’75) practices playing the drums in case Tommy Tofflemire and the Matrix Band have a reunion tour.

Paul Hund (DDS ’75) is retired.

David Rich (DDS ’75) retired after practicing 44 years.

Classes of the 1980s

Greg Johnson (DDS ’80) is practicing dentistry with his son Eric Johnson (DDS ’07). He and his wife, Kathy, have been married 42 years and have five grandchildren.

Michael LaBoube (DDS ’80) retired from the military in 2011 and has been working for the Veterans Administration in Columbia, Missouri.

Jack Marincel (DDS ’80) is teaching full time at the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.

Michael Price (DDS ’80) retired in 2019.

Gary McCabe Ross (DDS ’80) says he is working on patients “eight hours a day and trying to put away enough money to enjoy the fruits of my labors while I still am physically able.”

Gary Henley (DDS ’85) is a clinical associate professor at Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine and nearing retirement.

Daniel Jones (DDS ’85) says he enjoys “living at the lake!”

Daniel Kessler (DDS ’85) is the current president of the Missouri Dental Association and has been practicing in Kimberling City, Missouri, for 34 years.

Classes of the 1990s

Susan K. Kessler (DDS ’90) sold her practice in 2018 and is full-time faculty at the UMKC School of Dentistry.

Sean McReynolds (DDS ’90) practices in Humboldt, Kansas, and has been chief of his local Volunteer Fire Department since 2015.

Sean Phelan (DDS ’90) enjoys sailing.

Classes of the 2000s

Kaci Jensen (DDS ’00) balances Continuing Education courses, work and fun with family.

Dave Suchman (DDS ’00) is busy coaching, being a Scout leader, and serving with the Rinehart Foundation and the Midwest Dental Conference Programs Committee.

Brett Wilson (DDS ’05) is busy with his pediatric dentistry practice and coaching baseball.

Courtney Beussink (DDS ’10) says their three growing boys keep her and her husband “busy going here, there and everywhere!” In 2017, they built a brand new office for her practice and now are “just trying to soak as much time in between work, family, traveling and friends!”

Karen Urnise (DDS ’10) is building a new practice location and enjoying the outdoors.

Jason Sparks (DDS ’15) is enjoying not having to wear scrubs every day.