New Dean Loves Seeing Others Succeed

Haas brings dental knowledge, administrative experience, big-picture thinking


The UMKC School of Dentistry has a long history of clinical excellence, and the school’s new dean, Steven E. Haas, D.M.D., J.D., M.B.A., is eager to use his broad base of experience and knowledge to carry on that tradition.

That experience includes years in private prosthodontics practice, a law degree, an MBA, work on dental leg­islation and regulation, and several academic administrative posts, most recently as associate dean for clinical affairs at the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. Continue reading

Message from the Chair

FALL SEMESTER BEGINS AGAIN, and I’m reminded of my time in dental school. The stress of the unknown, the deadlines and espe­cially the bill for my education. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to help lessen the burden, but it’s no secret the burden of 2000 is less than the burden of 2021. As our students begin seeing patients in relative normalcy, I am so grateful that the Rinehart Foundation is able to provide relief to so many through the scholarships created over our long history. The hundreds of thousands of dollars awarded this fall allow students to work a few less hours outside of school and maybe feel a little more prepared for their next crown. If you have established a scholarship, be sure to ask your student recipient about it next spring when we (hopefully) have our in-person dinner to meet our students. Continue reading

Message from the Dean

THANK YOU FOR extending such a warm welcome as I settle into Kansas City, UMKC and the School of Dentistry.

Since August 16, my first official day as dean, I have been in “discovery mode.” I have met many students, staff, faculty and alumni, listening to their ideas and getting a sense of their priorities. I have gained knowl­edge of the university and its dental school, learning about its culture, procedures and rich history. I have seen first-hand the dedication and commitment so many people have for our School of Dentistry and its future. I’m excited to be a part of it. Continue reading