Annual Students Take Action Minute to Win It Benefits Dr. Jacob McGuire Scholarship

Last Thursday, April 18, 2019, representatives from the whole school came together for the annual Students Take Action (STA) Minute to Win it Lunch. Donations collected during this event will be given to the Dr. Jacob McGuire Scholarship. A total of $1,466 was donated across all classes, faculty, and staff! It was awesome to see everyone come together to support a Scholarship in honor of Dr. Jacob McGuire, who has had an endless impact on us all as a doctor, mentor, teacher and friend. The Minute to Win it consisted of a series of 5 games, resulting in the DDS Class of 2022 claiming first place, DDS Class of 2019 second place and Staff coming in third place. A cookie party will be given to Class of 2022 May 2nd, 2019 for celebration of their first-place finish!

Below is a listing of the team representatives that volunteered their athleticism and innate skills for everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment.

Staff Team: Breana Boger
D1 Team: Shannon McCaul and Kalei Wilson
D2 Team: Jourdan Kilthau and Jacob Young
D3 Team: Jane Witt and Ashley Stevenson
D4 Team: Teresa Nguyen
Dental Hygiene Team: Kyleigh Campbell

Enjoy photos from the event.