DDS Reserved Admission Program

The Reserved Admissions Program for the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at UMKC enables highly motivated Missouri and Kansas residents who are in their sophomore year of college to apply directly to the School of Dentistry for a reserved seat in a future dental class.

*UMKC first-time in college bachelor’s degree seeking students that are not residence of Missouri or Kansas are eligible to apply for the Reserved Admission Program as long as they have completed a minimum of 45 credit hours at UMKC.

Accepted students are able to participate in developmental opportunities with the Office of Student Programs throughout the remainder of their undergraduate years. Once candidates meet the full criteria they are allowed to by-pass the traditional dental application process for admission.


  • 3.6 science and math GPA upon completion of fourth college semester (third semester if graduating in three years)
  • Completion of 15 hours or more each semester
  • Show a strong understanding of dentistry
  • Exhibited a commitment to community service

Following application submission, candidates must:

  • Maintain at 3.6 science and math GPA
  • Complete 15 hours or more each semester
  • Complete a bachelor’s degree, including the UMKC School of Dentistry prerequisites.

*UMKC first-time in college bachelor’s degree seeking students that are not residence of Missouri or Kansas must receive their bachelor’s degree from UMKC.

  • Complete science prerequisites at a four-year college or university; no more than 60 hours will be accepted from the community college system

*UMKC first-time in college bachelor’s degree seeking students that are not residence of Missouri or Kansas must have a minimum 90 credit hours completed at UMKC.

  • Complete regular semester update forms
  • Score a 19 on the DAT and preferred subscores are a 16 and above
  • Complete a faculty interview.
  • Complete the UMKC general admissions application, including a $45.00 fee. All applicants are subject to background checks and technical standards.
  • Complete the CASPer online assessment. The Office of Student Programs will direct you when to take this exam after you have submitted your initial application. CASPer is a tool the UMKC School of Dentistry has adopted to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our holistic application review. Please visit for information regarding registration/fees, sample videos, and simulated practice tests. The cost of the exam is $10 and plus an additional $10 per school sent results.
  • Failure to meet any of the criteria will result in the loss of Reserved Admission Program status.

Application Process

  1. Complete the math and science GPA calculator spreadsheet to determine if you have the 3.6 math and science GPA needed to apply to the Reserved Admissions Program.
    • Indicate the name of the course, year, semester, hours, and whether the course is a repeat. Indicate the letter grade you received and do not include +/-.  The formula is already created within the spreadsheet so after inputting the information listed above, it will self-calculate your math and science GPA at the bottom.
    • Include all college level math and science courses taken. If you have taken courses at multiple institutions, make sure you include all of the math and sciences courses in the spreadsheet.
    • If you have retaken a math or science course, only include the grade you received on the most recent retake.
    • If you have questions about whether a course is considered a math or science course you can refer to the ADEA AADSAS course subjects.
    • Submit your saved math and science GPA calculation along with the rest of your application materials to by July 1.
  2. Complete and return the application to
  3. Submit official college transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and a digital personal photo along with your application and math/science GPA calculation to by July 1.

Submit official college transcripts, three letters of recommendation (one from a faculty member and one from a dentist are required and the third needs to be another professional reference)

All application materials must be emailed back to by July 1st.