RDH to BSDH Degree Completion Admissions Process

Getting Started

Contact the Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Program Director- Lorie Holt @ 816-235-2057 before applying.

  • Any dental hygiene professional that holds a credential in the field is eligible to apply
  • Students may start the program any semester of the academic year
  • Application available online, apply here

Selective Process

A number of variables will be considered including your successful completion of an accredited dental hygiene program, National Dental Hygiene Board Examination results, GPA scores, a current dental hygiene state license and letters of recommendation including one from the director of your dental hygiene degree program.

Every state has different registration and approval regulations for online degree programs. We are not approved to offer online degree programs in all states. Out-of-state students should check to determine if you are eligible to apply to one of our online programs.