Dr. Roy James Rinehart Foundation

Honor Roll of Donors 2013–2014
























Every effort has been made to accurately list the name of each donor who supported the UMKC School of Dentistry from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014. If your name is misspelled, omitted or incorrectly listed, we sincerely apologize. Please contact us at the Office of Alumni & Development, (816) 235-2060, so that corrections can be made.



Robert E. Cowan Trust
Dentsply Tulsa Dental
McDavid Dental Educational Trust
Sirona Dental Inc


$50,000- $99,999

Stanley H. Durwood Foundation
KC Orthodontic Support & Research Fdtn.
The George H. Nettleton Home
S. Orlando Somers Trust
UMKC Dental Alumni Association


$25,000- $49,999

Mr. John and Ms. Patricia Brierley
Bonney J. Miller Trust
Mrs. Bonney J. Miller
Dr. Jack W. Nelson, Jr.


$10,000- $24,999

Mr. Donald and Ms. Janet Brunker
Drs. Dustin and Amy Burleson
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Nancy Callan
Dr. Gordon R. Ediger
Goetze Dental Company
Dr. Steven and Ms. Catherine Hough
National Children’s Oral Health Fdtn

Parkway Plaza Dental
Procter & Gamble Distributing Company
Dr. Roy J. Rinehart Memorial Foundation
Thompson Family Foundation
Dr. R. Wayne and Mrs. I. Joyce Thompson
UMKC Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Assoc.


$5,000- $9,999

American Assoc. of Endodontists Fndn
Drs. Mark and Melodee Armfield
Dr. Gary and Ms. Pamela Brown
Mr. Benjamin Brunker
Dr. Thomas M. Darnall
Dental Implants Periodontal Care PC
Dykhouse Orthodontics, D.D.S., PC
Dr. David E. Dykhouse
Dr. Vance and Mrs. Judith Dykhouse
Drs. Richard Gilman and Lynn Murray
Dr. Hal E. Hale
Dr. Sam and Mrs. B. Jeannene Hayes
Heartland Dental Care, LLC

Dr. Stephen and Ms. Sydney Hiatt
Dr. D. Stanley and Ms. Sydney Hite
Mr. Bob and Mrs. Carolyn Abney Hodges
K.C. Assoc. of Pediatric Dentists
McReynolds Orthodontics P.A.
Dr. William Russell McReynolds
Dr. Phillip Lewis Parham, Jr.
Dr. James L. Parrott
Dr. Bernard W. Petkovich
Shawnee Mission Medical Center Fdtn
Dr. Peter J. Spalitto
Sybron Endo
Dr. Russell and Mrs. Loretta Tabata



$2,500 - $4,999

Dr. Nabie E. Beaini
Dr. Steven P. Billings
Mr. Jack and Dr. Lynda Bonewald
Drs. Chris and Jayne Buttner
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sally Cobb
Commerce Bank
Dr. David J. Dung
Dr. Steven D. Green
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Leigh Hechler
Ms. Tamra Hoffman
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Mary Ann Johnson
Dr. C. Ed Kavanaugh

Dr. John and Ms. Kathy Killip
Dr. Michael A. LeBlanc
Dr. James Osborne & Dr. Cathleen Taylor
Dr. Bart W. Putnam
Mr. Kevin J. Robertson
Rogers Family Dentistry
Dr. P. Nick Rogers
Dr. Melissa Ann Smith
United Way of Central New Mexico
University Dental Study Club
Drs. Robert and Loretta White



$1,000 - $2,499

Dr. Steven D. Aeschliman
AFTCO Associates
Dr. Edward M. Amet
Dr. Mark G. Beck
Dr. Randal L. Begley
Staci R. Blaha, DDS, PC
Dr. Staci R. Blaha
Dr. Richard L. Briscoe
Dr. William B. Burchard
Dr. Brett L. Ferguson& Dr. Rita M. Burnett
Dr. Robert E. Butler
Mr. William C. Byrnes
Dr. Lauren Phuong-Thad Cai
Dr. Lionel M. Candelaria
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Shara Cash
Dr. Brian C. Blalock& Dr. Christine M. Casteel
Dr. Wesley and Ms. Frances Choy
Dr. James and Ms. Teri Cole
Mrs. Georgia M. Compton
Susan A. Cope DDS Charitable Fund
Dr. Susan A. Cope
Mrs. Patricia A. Daneman
Dr. Gary V. DeWitt
Dr. Michael E. Dix
Dr. James and Mrs. Leigh Anne Dixson
Dr. Paul and Ms. Paula Dooley
Dr. Brian Drew and Ms. Rebecca Taron-Drew
Dr. Christopher S. Dung
Dr. John J. Ebeling II
Dr. Jerald and Ms. Janet Elrod
Dr. Gerard Richard Feldhaus
First Citizens Bank
Dr. Jeremy Fry
Drs. Milton M. and Judith M. Fujiuchi
Dr. John D. Gardner
Dr. Jeffrey S. Geist
Dr. Lisa R. Gonzales
Dr. Robert W. Haggerty
Dr. Marilyn S. Harrington
Dr. J. Don Harris
Henry Schein Dental
Mrs. Paula M. Hiatt
High Desert Dental
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Rosalyn Hiramoto
Dr. Randall S. Honda
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Jett Fund
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Ann Jett
Mark L. Johnson, PhD
Dr. Gordon M. Kanemaru
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Terri Klein
Dr. Eric Gottman and Dr. Kyong Kong
Dr. Tae Sok Kong
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Donna Lambert
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Angela Leins
Dr. T. Wayne and Ms. Linda Lewis
Mr. William A. Marse
Mr. William H. Matthews& Dr. Joy S. Wylie-Matthews
Dr. David L. May

Dr. Charles C. McGinty
Dr. Mark McInnis
Dr. Sidney and Ms. Carole McKnight
Dr. John H. McKnight
Dr. Natalie J Mendenhall
Dr. Robert Mobley
Dr. Arthur B. Montoya, Jr.
Dr. Scott L. Morrison
Drs. Randal and Tammy Chang Motooka
Dr. James G. Nail
Dr. Bryan R. Neuwirth
Dr. Crystal A. Obee
Mr. Rich Oberbeck
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Annie Ogilvie
Onpharma Inc
Dr. Pamela R. Overman
Mr. Steve and Ms. Lisa Paschang
Patterson Companies, Inc.
Patterson Dental
Dr. Vasilios and Ms. Vangie Pavlakos
Dr. Phillip M. Poynter
Priority Dental Clinic, P.C.
Dr. Steven J. Prstojevich
Dr. Marsha A. Pyle
Dr. Michael G. Rehme
Dr. Thomas C. Reinhart
Dr. W. Scott Robinson
Root Laboratory, Inc.
Dr. Gary McCabe Ross, DDS
Dr. Brett and Ms. Michelle Roufs
Dr. G. Bob Ruwwe, Jr.
Dr. James and Ms. Margaret Samples
School of Dentistry Class of 2014
Dr. Allan Y. Segawa
Dr. Fred  P. Shulski
Sigma Phi Alpha-Alpha Gamma Chapter
Dr. Wilbur C. Skaer
Dr. William F. Slagle, Jr.
Drs. Bradley and Becky Smith
Mr. Bernie Stoltz
Straumann USA
Dr. Rodger and Mrs. Linda Suchman
Dr. Robert L. Talley
Dr. Ellis B. Thigpen
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Tira
Dr. Clyde S. and Mrs. Vivian Umaki
University Park Dental Assoc., PA
Upstate Orthodontics Inc.
Valencia Endodontic Association
Dr. O. B. Vaughan
Vaught, Burchard and Assoc. Inc
Ms. Candace M. Wada
Mr. Robin and Dr. Crystal Walker
Dr. Nevin and Mrs. Lois Waters
Dr. John C. Windle
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Marilyn Wollard
Dr. Ralph and Mrs. Linda Younger
Dr. Dallas and Mrs. Donna Ziegenhorn



$500 – $999

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Mona Ackerman
Dr. J. Brad Aday
Ron and Bonnie Albright Charitable Fund
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Bonnie Albright
Dr. J. Michael and Mrs. Janet Allen
Dr. Lana Anderson
Dr. Michael J. Armijo
Dr. John and Mrs. Beth Ball
Dr. Patrick M. Bauer
Dr. Edward J. Beatty
Benco Dental
Dr. Sergio Berkstein
Mr. Keith and Dr. Brenda Bohaty
Dr. Emily Price Brown
Ms. Pansy J. Brown
Dr. Hugh H. Bruner, Jr.
Dr. Wesley L. Christian
Dr. John B. Ciampa
Columbia Implants and Periodontics LLC
Dr. Keigm and Mrs. Susan Crook
Dr. Sarah Dallas
Dental Associates of South OKC
Dr. Fred W. Distelhorst
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Dryden
Dynamic Management Solutions Inc.
Ed-Mar Enterprises Inc
Dr. James D. Elias
Dr. Edgar and Mrs. Jolene Ellyson
Family Dental Care
Dr. Erica Ferrara
Financial Counselors, Inc.
Fine Art of Family Dentistry, PA
Dr. Ken Frick and Dr. Mary Kaz
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Mary Fry
Dr. Tara M. Gabriel
Jolynn Galvin, DDS
Gladstone Family Dentistry
GLO Science
Drs. Randall and Jennifer Gordon
Dr. Richard F. Graham
Drs. Reese and Rachael Graue
Dr. Edward R. Haggerty, Jr.& Mrs. Jean Haggerty
Dr. David L. Hamel
Hannah Orthodontics
Dr. J. Joseph Hannah
Professor Emeritus John I. Haynes
Dr. Jay and Mrs. Judith Hildreth
Hoffman Orthodontics
Dr. Kurt W. Hoffman
Dr. Craig S. Hollander
Mr. Gary M. Holt
Dr. Laura R. Iwasaki
Jet Couture Jewels
Kansas City Endodontic Society

Dr. Eric S. Kapustka
Dr. Justin R. Kohlhorst
Dr. Roy M. Kurisaki
Dr. George H. Kyd
Leavenworth Family Dental
Mr. Morty and Mrs. Barbara Lebedun
Mr. Brian Lumbard
Dr. Carolyn S. Magnuson
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Donna Malmstrom
Dr. Mark S. Mancin
Dr. Alan J. Martin
Ms. Phyllis A. Martina
Dr. Adam C. McClellan
Dr. Kristy McCormick
Dr. Stanley E. McCoy
Dr. William O. McIntire
Dr. Mark R. Medina
Dr. Ward A. Meyerhoeffer, Jr.
Dr. Earl W. Miller
Dr. Paul E. Miller
Drs. Peter and Addy Mohn
Dr. William B. Moorkamp
Dr. Patrick J. Morris
Dr. George and Mrs. Andrea Myers
Dr. Donald F. Nelson
Dr. Merle A. Nunemaker
Dr. Gary Morgan and Ms. Cindy Parkans
Periodontist, P.A.
Mr. Martin F. Peters
PimenDent LLC
Dr. Paul Pimentel
Dr. Gina L. Pinamonti
Dr. Kevin F. Postol
Dr. Joel W. Pratt
Dr. Timothy and Ms. Angela Prawl
Dr. Lidio G. Rainaldi
Dr. William R. Reed, Jr.
Dr. Wendy D. Reynolds
Dr. Ed and Mrs. Marie Robison
Dr. Guillermo P. Rodriguez
Dr. Scott Rogers
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Patricia Russell
Septodont, Inc.
Dr. Shannon W. Sorensen
Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Elizabeth Spalitto
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Margit Squire
Dr. Daniel G. Stamos
Dr. David E. Stamos
Dr. Brian S. Sutton
Dr. Ashley and Mr. Keir Swisher
Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Kandis Taylor
Dr. Michael J. Tobin
Dr. James and Ms. Norma Torchia
Dr. Yong Wang
Dr. Suzanne Watson
Dr. Kelly S. Wells
West Port Periodonotics, PC
Dr. T. Merrell Williams
Dr. Stanley L. Wint
Dr. David H. Wong
Dr. Bradley and Mrs. Kay Wright
Dr. Lynn R. Wuthnow



$250 – $499

Dr. Marc and Ms. Marilyn Abrams
Mr. Bernard and Dr. Cynthia Amyot
Dr. Michael Dostal and Dr. Lauren Andreas
Dr. Alan and Mrs. Beverly Babigan
Mr. Mike Bainum
Bank of Blue Valley
Drs. Bruce and Gerry Barker
Mr. Cliff and Mrs. Mary Barr
Dr. Michael L. Billingsley
Dr. Daniel Boedeker
Dr. Jimmy C. Boley
Dr. William D. Booth
Dr. Blake R Borello
Boyson Dental
Dr. William and Ms. Lorraine Brockmann
Dr. L. Jackson and Ms. Mary Brown
Ms. Ann K. Brunick
Dr. Raymond W. Burton
Dr. Raymond L. Campbell
Dr. Neil W. Carmony
Dr. Thomas G. Cates III
Dr. Russell L. Coad
Dr. William D. Cook
Dr. Steven and Ms. Toni Cross
Mr. Richard and Ms. Renee Daniels
Dr. Scott and Mrs. Angela Dempsey
Dentistry for Children
Dr. Guy Deyton and Ms. Joanne Snyder
Dr. J. Timothy Doerner
Douglas Dental Inc
Brian Douglas Foundation
Fred H. Enloe Trust
Dr. Vincent A. Fallert
Mr. Benjamin Frandsen
Dr. John M. Freeze
Dr. John C. G'Sell
Mr. Tom and Mrs. Rachael Gandolph
Dr. Robert and Ms. Kathleen Gillum
Dr. Mark L. Gilmore
Dr. Mark J. Gordon
Dr. Lloyd E. Grant
Dr. Gary and Ms. Cheryl Grantham
Greater KC Dental Hygenists' Association
Dr. Jerry L. Haney
Dr. Kurt Hanneman and Dr. Elizabeth Ward
Dr. Daniel and Mrs. Linda Harvey
Dr. Mark Harwood
Hayes Handpiece Repair
Mrs. Judith B. Haynes
Dr. Ralph M. Hennessee
Dr. Robert V. Herwig
HHB Periodontics Inc.
Ms. Jodi Lynne Hollingsworth
Ms. Joan Holtzman
Dr. Lauren Imai-Lau
Dr. Eric R. Johnson
Dr. Frank N. Johnson
Dr. Marshall and Mrs. Jennifer Johnson
Dr. Jay J. Jones
Dr. Michael Jurkovich
Dr. Spencer J. Kemmer
Dr. Paul J. Krautmann
Krusich Dental, LLC
Dr. Ian Krusich

Dr. John C. LaBarca
Lakewood Dental Center
Dr. William J. Lewis
Lewis Dental Office
Dr. Tony Line
Dr. R. Raymond Lyle, Jr.
Dr. James G. Mace
Dr. David and Mrs. Mary Maddox
Drs. Darren and Sarah Mahaffey
Mallow-Tru Dental Studio
Dr. Charles and Ms. M. Linda Massler
Dr. Richard I. McFadden
Dr. Arthur J. McMillion
Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Midwestern Society of Orthodontics
Dr. Louis Migliazzo
Dr. Roger and Mrs. Margaret Minneman
Dr. Robert and Ms. Recie Mobley
Dr. Andrew S. Moore
Dr. David and Mrs. M. Janell Moore
Dr. Walter F. Morrison
Dr. Melissa C. Nabors
Mr. Jon and Ms. Linda Newman
Drs. Matthew and Kristen Niewald
Drs. David and Deborah Novak
Dr. John and Ms. Frances Olmsted
Dr. Virgil L. Palmer
Dr. Robert Parker& Dr. Jazmin Cuin-Parker
Mr. Joel Peknik& Ms. Hilary Wheat
Dr. Grant A. Perrine
Dr. Louie A. Pollina
Dr. Don L. Powell
Dr. Douglas J. Recker
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Susan Reynolds
Dr. Al O. Rueb
Ruopp & Ruopp DDS, PC
Drs. Patrick and Janet Ruopp
Dr. Ginelle Sakima-Roberts
Dr. Marq Sams
Mendel I. Sato, DMD, Inc
Dr. Suzanne K. Saville
Dr. Mark A. Scantlan
Dr. Melvin C. Schlender
Dr. Mitchell Blacker & Ms. Susan Sharp-Blacker
Dr. Lendall C. Shell
Dr. Ricky D. Smith
Dr. Thomas A. Switzer
Dr. Alan M. Tamashiro
Dr. David J. Thein
Dr. John W. Thousand III
Tower Ortho Lab, Inc.
Mr. Dale and Ms. Vickie Trott
Dr. Blake H. Turner
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Dr. Mark L. Underwood
Dr. Richard A. Verderame
Dr. Paul A. Vollmer
Dr. Jeffrey D. Walmann
Dr. J. Craig Whitt
Dr. Solomon T. Woldesilassie
Dr. W. Victor and Mrs. Lavenia Wood
Dr. Martin Woolsey
Dr. Donald T. Yoshizumi
Dr. Dez and Ms. Bridgit Ziegenhorn


$100 – $249.99

Dr. Charles Abbick
Dr. Ramon and Ms. Jewel Aberle
Dr. Stuart R. Aks
Dr. William and Mrs. Rebecca Ambrose
Dr. Larry J. Anthony
Dr. Steven L. Aragon
Mr. Michael Ayres
B Positively Promoting U, Inc
Dr. Richard and Ms. Pam Barlet
Mr. David E. Barnes
Dr. Timothy M. Barry
Dr. Victor J. Barry II
Dr. Chad Barth
Dr. Lloyd G. Baumwart
Ms. Donna K. Begshaw
Belle Epoque Salon
Dr. Brent L. Benkelman
Dr. Wayne E. Blickenstaff
Mr. Terry and Mrs. Jana Boschert
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Marilyn Boyce
Dr. Scott K. Brecheisen
Dr. Dana L. Browning
Dr. Andrew R Bruening
Dr. Thomas R. Bunton
Dr. Gary D. Burnidge
Dr. Richard E. Callaway
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Norma Carr
Dr. Philip W. Chang
Dr. Marti Cherry
Dr. Gene C. Cohen
Dr. Daniel T. Colgan
Dr. Patrick and Ms. Brenda Collins
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Connie Cooper
Dr. John M. Cope
Coventry Health Care of Missouri
Dr. Timothy T. Coyle
Dr. William I. Cozart
Creekwood Endodontics
Dr. Aaron and Mrs. Jamie Cregger
Dr. Kevin J. Cummings
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Davis
Mr. Geoffrey and Dr. Emily Day
Dr. Kamra De Fries
Ms. Cynthia C. Degroat
Delta Dental of Missouri
Drs. Neal and Michelle Deutch
Dr. Rudolph E. Dittrich
Dr. L. Sue Dobbs
Dr. Harlo L. Donelson
Dr. Rodney and Mrs. Carol Dubois
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Florence Dunlap
Dr. Shara M. Dunlap
Dr. Dean and Mrs. Sue Dyer
Dr. Susan P. Eddleman
Dr. A. C. and Mrs. June Edwards
Mr. Chris Elliott
Dr. James W. Elliott
Dr. Spencer Elmore
Dr. C. Weldon and Ms. Martha Elrod
Emporia Community Foundation
Mr. Jeff Erickson
Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Sara Evans
Dr. Thomas F. Everett
Dr. Jerry R. Fankhauser
Dr. Frooz Fatoorachi
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Marjorie Fitterling
Dr. Amanda L. Fitzpatrick
Dr. J. Daniel Fleming
Dr. A. Allen and Mrs. Susan French
Greg and Karen Frimel Charitable Trust
Dr. Greg and Ms. Karen Frimel
Dr. Willis L. Funk
Ms. Mary Gentry
Dr. Michael Paul Glouse
Dr. Barry S. Goldenberg
Mrs. Gineth L. Gonzales
Dr. Jerry D. Gragg
Dr. Phillip J. Gravino
Dr. Mark D. Gregston
Dr. John P. Grisham
Dr. Nelson M. Gumucio
Dr. John and Ms. Sharon Gutschenritter
Ms. Jessica M. Halley
Dr. Vincen Halley
Dr. Buford and Mrs. Camille Hamilton
Dr. Scott D. Hamilton
Mr. Gale and Mrs. Joyce Hankins
Dr. Robert H. Harmon
Dr. Grant Harris
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Sandra Hart
Dr. Mark E. Hartter
Dr. Robert W. Hauetter
Dr. Granvil and Mrs. Heidi Hays
Dr. Carol Horton-Henley
Dr. Paul and Ms. Cindy Herrin
Dr. Mark F. Hilton
Dr. H. Steven Hoerath
Mr. James and Mrs. Mary Kay Hogan
Dr. Corey H. Holmes
Drs. Daniel and Nicole Holmes
Dr. Takashi Honda
Dr. David V. Honeycutt
Dr. Frank L. Hoover
Dr. Stanley E. Humphrey
Dr. Terry and Ms. Marilyn Imel
Dr. Steven R. Irwin
Dr. Blake Ishikawa
Dr. Kaci B. Jensen
Dr. Clinton M. Johnson
Dr. Michael Johnson
Dr. William R. Johnson
Dr. Donald R. Jump
Dr. Glenn Y. Kadohiro
Dr. Anthony G. Kahman
Kahn Family Dental Care, PA
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Staci Kahn
Dr. Glenn M. Kaneda
Dr. Altug Kazanoglu
Dr. Thomas W. Kelly, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Kemp
Dr. Paul K. Kincaid
Dr. Philip J. Klump
Dr. Kenneth I. Knowles
Dr. Gene M. Koop
Dr. Marvin and Ms. Louise Kramer
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Marilyn Kuhlman
Dr. John and Ms. Jill Ladas
Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Janet Lally
Dr. Richard A. Landy
Dr. Paulus and Mrs. Brenda Lawson

Dr. Matthew and Ms. Julie Lenz
Mr. Joseph Levitt
Dr. Gregg A. Lindsey
Mr. Keith Lister
Dr. John T. Lockard
Professor Emeritus James and Mrs. Sandra Lowe
Dr. Corey Mack
Dr. Donna L. Mager
Dr. William L. Maness
Dr. John M. Marincel
Ms. Linda K. Marsh
Dr. H. Edward Martin
Dr. Marifer Martinez-Lujan
Dr. Fred S. Maryott
Dr. Ronald G. Masters
Dr. Yamuna A. Mathew
Dr. Charles F. Mattingly
McClelland Law Firm
Mr. Kelly Lee McClelland
Ms. Kelly McCunniff
Dr. Michael D. McCunniff
Dr. D. Richard McKinney
Dr. Robert A. McPherson
Mr. Charles Megerman
Dr. Bjorn Melander
Dr. Laura M. Menees-Moore
Dr. David L. Merello
Mr. Matthew and Dr. Kristin Miller
Dr. Steven D. Miller
Dr. Mason O Miner
Dr. Michael and Ms. Nancy Minten
Mr. Patrick and Ms. Nancy Moran
Dr. Ronald Moreschini
Dr. John K. Morioka
Mrs. Harriet M. Morris
Dr. Robert T. Morrison
Ms. Janet R. Mosher
Mr. David Mosier
Dr. Mark A. Moxley
Mr. Joseph Musselman
Dr. Ray R. Nassimbene
Dr. James R. Nelson
Dr. Paul McGraw and Dr. Nancy Newhouse
Dr. Darrell and Mrs. Katherine Newman
Mrs. Margaret E. Newman
Dr. William and Mrs. Pat Novotny
Dr. Matt R. O'Keefe
Dr. Paul S. Obatake
Obtura Spartan Endodontics
Dr. Suewo Okazaki
Dr. N. Randolph and Mrs. Martha Oliver
Dr. James F. Otten
Dr. Todd Gene Owsley
Dr. J. Stuart Patton
Dr. William R. Patton
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Bonnie Pearson
Mr. Dale J. Peterson
Professor Roger Pick & Mrs. Mary-Louise Warren Pick
Dr. Dennis M. Plunk
Dr. Ricky D. Powell
Dr. Norman and Mrs. Phyllis Powers
Dr. Michael B. Price
Dr. Victor and Mrs. Catherine Quiason
Dr. Monte G. Ray
Mr. Richard G. Rea& Dr. Melissa Hillhouse Rea
Dr. Robert W. Rechtien, Jr.
Drs. Michael and Ingrid Reed
Dr. Deaun Silva Regan
Dr. Richard D. Releford
Dr. Jeffrey S. Rick
Mr. Benjamin and Ms. Lisa Riggin
Dr. W. Russell Riggs
Dr. John M. Roberts
Dr. David G. Robison
Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Judith Roling
Dr. Alan Rosen
Dr. Benjamin D. Rosenberg
Dr. Steve A. Rueb
Dr. Brett V. Russell
Mr. Wayne and Ms. Lou Ann Sangster
Dr. Shelly Sarich
Dr. Bryan Sato
Dr. William A. Schackel
Dr. David A. Schaefer
Dr. James W. Schatz
Dr. Morton Schreiber
Dr. Lynne Schutte
Dr. Jay G. and Ms. Pam Sekavec
Senior Health Care Benefit Services
Dr. William E. Shellhart
Dr. Dennis R. Sherraden
Dr. Cynthia E. Sherwood
Dr. Lonnie and Mrs. Connie Slapar
Dr. Jamie Smiley
Dr. Jared and Ms. Charlene Smith
Dr. Ivan George Smith, Jr.
Dr. James H. Smith, Jr.
Dr. Frank J. Spalitto
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Peggy Stein
Dr. Jim and Ms. Debra Stewart
Dr. Alan M. Stoll
Dr. Michael Strand
Dr. Robert A. Strathman
Dr. Matthew and Ms. Jill Strohmeyer
Dr. Linda Sturrup
Drs. David and Kelly Suchman
Mrs. Norma Sutherland
Dr. John W. Tabash
Ms. Kirthi Tata
Taylor Drug Plus
Mr. Neil Taylor
Dr. Elizabeth L. Tedman
Dr. Denis K. Teraoka
Dr. D. Scott Thomas
Dr. John N. Thornburg
Dr. Jon W. Tilton
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Margo Toth
Dr. Brandon T. Yokota& Dr. Allison M. Tran
Dr. Gary and Ms. Phyllis Traub
Treloar & Heisel, Inc.
Dr. James M. Trout
Mrs. Judith N. Trout
Mrs. Deborah D. Trunk
Dr. David J. Trylovich
Dr. Andrew Van Blarcom
Dr. Tan H. Van
Dr. James and Mrs. Leslie Van Biber
Dr. James W. Van Blaricum III
Dr. Trung Tan Vo
Dr. Karl and Ms. Mina Voldeng
Ms. Patricia A. Walters
Ms. Sally M. Watson
Dr. Dale and Ms. Joan Watts
Ms. Sharon Weaver
Dr. Kirk and Ms. Donna Weber
Dr. Jonathan R. Weinbach
Dr. David D. Wells
Dr. Wade E. Wheeler
Dr. Kenneth L. Williams
CJ and SE Wilson Trust
Mrs. Stacey Winkelbauer
Dr. Vaughn and Mrs. Dee Wipf
Dr. Erik S. Wipf
Dr. Clifford T. Wong
Dr. Howard R. Woosley
Ms. Peggy Wrightsman-Parolin
Dr. Rachel M Yamakawa


$25 – $99.99

Ms. Nancy Adelman
Ms. Marla B. Ainsworth
Dr. Yaqoub Yousef Al Abwah
Drs. Timothy and Stephanie Altenburg
The American Restaurant
Mr. Riley Anderson
Ms. Phyllis A. Badowski
Dr. Mark R. Bagby
Mr. Mitchell and Ms. Lynda Baris
Mrs. Cathy A. Bartolotta
Dr. Melanie and Mr. Gerry Beck
Drs. Robert and Julie Becker
Mrs. Barbara A. Bekelja
Dr. James and Ms. Carolyn Belcher
Dr. Richard L. Bennett
Dr. Gregory T. Berg
Dr. Courtney L. Beussink
Dr. Neal L. Bilyeu
Dr. Matthew Birke
Dr. Charles W. Bishop
Dr. Robert K. Boland
Dr. J.C. Bond
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Alice Brackhahn
Ms. Ellen Brenneman
Briarcliff Endodontics, LLC
Ms. Kim D. Bussard
Dr. Michael D. Byers
Dr. Gregory G. Casalone
Mr. Samuel and Ms. Jane Catterlin
Dr. Stephan D Caye
Dr. Wendy L Churchill
Dr. William M.  Clifton
Dr. Jan L. Cobble
Dr. Larry L. Coffee
The College Basketball Experience
Dr. Rebecca A. Cornille
Mr. William Courtney
Dr. Gary and Mrs. Sandra Crnic
Ms. Susan Currey
Dr. Carl H. Dahlquist
Dr. David J. Dear
Mr. Larry and Ms. Jean Dodge
Dr. Michael and Ms. Maureen Doherty
Ms. Kelly Dold
Dr. Daniel A. Dorrego
Ms. Leslie Eakes
Dr. Justin and Ms. Sadie Ebersole
Dr. Gene E. Engel
Dr. Mark S. Engelhardt
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Ann Engemann
Mr. Mark Englert& Ms. Janine L. Sasse-Englert
Mr. Brian H. and Ms. Toni L. Erickson
Mr. Edward R. Eroe
Dr. John Fasbinder
Mr. William and Ms. Joyce Federhofer
Dr. Philip H. Feil
Dr. William and Mrs. Constance Ferguson
Mrs. Heather Flick
Dr. Charles and Ms. Ellen France
Mr. Lance and Dr. Mariah Frazier
Mr. John O'Malley and Ms. Jennifer Fujita
Mr. Richard Gallant
Gates' & Son's Bar-B-Q
Dr. James and Ms. James P. Gertken
Dr. Robert J. Gilkerson
Dr. John and Ms. Sara Gorton
Mr. Thomas Gracey
Ms. Heather Grimm
Dr. Ronald and Ms. Anne Grout
Dr. Jean M. Hagan
Dr. Ray and Ms. Wilma Hailey
Ms. Cheryl Hanback
Hanchette Family Charitable Fund
Hanneman & Ward DDS, LLC
Dr. David and Ms. Janee Hanzlick
Dr. Phillip E. Harrison
Mrs. Lorie Ann Hassel-Chuang
Mr. Corey Hastings
Dr. Craig Hayes
Ms. Angela Heathman
Dr. Jeffrey M. Henkin& Ms. Marjorie Henkin
Dr. John and Ms. Mary Ann Hense
Ms. Kaye C. Hildenbrand
Ms. Linda M. Hill
Dr. Thomas R. Holmes
Ms. Patricia A. Huey
Ms. Delores J. Hughes
Mr. John T. Hunt
Drs. Francis and Joanna Hurd
Mr. Jason and Ms. Jennifer Ingraham
Mr. Ron and Ms. Ronda Jackson

Dr. Jerry P. John
Dr. Archie A. Jones
Ms. Kindel Kaelke
KC Denture Clinic
Mr. John R. Keeling
Dr. Linda Zimmerman Kenworthy
Dr. Terence J. Kinyon
Mr. Patrick and Ms. Marcia Kirlin
Mrs. Jane C. Krizer
Ms. Sally A. Kuklenski
Dr. William Jim LaManno
Ms. Susanna Lang
Mrs. Lonna J. LaRock
Dr. Douglas Cleon Le Mon
Dr. Megan Lenahan
Dr. Eric and Ms. Jennifer Livingston
Ms. Betty Lou Loucks
Ms. Beverly Badger Lovelace
Dr. Rodger and Mrs. Melba Maechtlen
Dr. Charles L. Mahaffey
Dr. Jay Main
Mrs. Deborah S. Manne
Dr. William H. Marchbanks
Mr. George and Ms. Janice Marino
Ms. Denise C. Maseman
Ms. Sandra Mayer
Dr. R. Keith and Ms. Patricia McDaniel
Dr. Genavieve L. McGivern
Ms. Taylor McGown
Dr. James and Mrs. Linda Meares
Ms. Sandi Marie Messina-McMurtry
Drs. Mark and Cheryl Milde
Ms. Mary Jo Moore
Ms. Jean Mross
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Sydna Mullane
Mrs. Marjorie E. Myers
Dr. Charles and Ms. Bridget Nathan
Dr. Amy Nery
Dr. Donald G. Nosworthy
Ms. Betty A. O'Dea
Dr. F. Jay and Ms. Jane Ohmes
Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Cristy O'Keefe
Dr. Julie E. Olson
Mr. Weston and Ms. Aishah Parham
Dr. Darpana Nilam Patel
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Lorraine Patrick
Dr. Daniel Pernoud
Ms. Karen F. Petersen
Ms. Kimberly K. Philip
Ms. Elizabeth G. Pitz
Ms. Patricia Anne Poore
Dr. James G. Pratt
Mr. Chip Prins
Ms. Jane E. Pryor
Dr. Lawrence and Ms. Josephine Ann Purcell
Dr. Charles J. Purma II
Dr. Lucynda Raben
Dr. Brenton Reavley
Dr. Richard A. Reinhard
Dr. Thomas and Ms. Mary Jo Reser
Dr. Marvin Elwood Rice
Ms. Amy Richmond
Mr. George and Mrs. Linda Robbins
Dr. Thomas M. Robbins
Dr. David and Ms. Patricia Roberts
Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Annelle Rogers
Ms. Carissa Rogers
Mr. Mark Rostine
Ms. Catherine Saylor-Boles
Dr. Edward and Ms. Bonnie Schanda
Mrs. Peggy J. Schilb
Mr. Larry and Ms. Martha Schmitt
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Linda Schowengerdt
Dr. Steven and Ms. Elizabeth Schultz
Ms. Desni D. Sheller
Mr. David M. Shull
Mr. William and Ms. Anne Slaughter
Ms. Caylin Slavin
Mr. Shawn Snider
Mr. Melvin and Ms. Kathy Stockett
Dr. Jay R. Stucky
Mr. Stephen and Ms. Tami Sutton
Mrs. Dawnia H. Talarico
Dr. Robert D. Thoman
Dr. Robert and Ms. Patricia Tinnin
Dr. Matthew J. Tippin
Mr. Harry N. Tishk& Professor Emeritus Maxine N. Tishk
Dr. William D. Turner
Dr. Michael Umaki
Dr. Jim and Mrs. Jeanne Underwood
Mr. David and Ms. Ronda Waggoner
Dr. Brett Waite
Dr. Charles E. Webber
Dr. Kenneth J. Weinand
Dr. Robert T. Wheatley
Ms. Carolyn R. Williams
Willis Financial Services, Inc.
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Jan Willits
Mr. James and Ms. Melissa Wilson
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Ms. Christy K. Wineland
Mr. Karl and Ms. Paula Yehle
Dr. Robert O. Yendes, Jr.