Summer Dental Scholars Present Their Research

Summer Dental Scholars Present Their Research

















Each year, dental students who rank in the top one-third to one-half of their class are invited to apply to the Summer Dental Scholars Program. The students who are selected receive a stipend and, more importantly, the opportunity to participate in research projects in collaboration with faculty mentors. During the nine-week program, students work in the School of Dentistry’s state-of-the-art laboratories and clinics. Hands-on duties encompass a wide range of research tasks, such as conducting literature searches, preparing specimens, gathering data and analyzing results. At the end of the summer, students produce a research paper, give an oral presentation, and submit a research abstract for the next national meeting of the American Association for Dental Research at which they present their research results in oral or poster presentations. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn one credit hour of independent study.

2013 Summer Scholars

(pictured L–R) Travis Tegerdine, Dr. Mary Walker (Summer Scholar Program Director), Brad Chun, John Fife
(Summer Scholar Program Coordinator), Lauren Todoki, Richard Gallant, Audrey Sill, Kevin Kaiser, Caren
Abraham, Brett Zobell, Emily Frenz, Corey Hastings.


Student Projects & Mentors




Caren Abraham

Dr.  Friesen & Dr. Bohaty

Histologic Esophagitis and Dental Erosions in Children and Adolescents

Brad Chun

Dr. Dallas

Dynamics of the Osteocyte Embedding Process and Characterization of a New Cell line for Studying Osteocyte Differentiation

Emily Frenz

Dr. Johnson & Dr. Lara

Effect of aging on bone response to mechanical loading

Richard Gallant

Dr. Ueki

Role of the Cherubism Gene Product, SH3BP2, in Pathology of Autoimmune Arthritis

Corey Hastings

Dr. Walker & Dr. Carpenter

Effect of topical fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of orthodontic nickel-titanium and stainless steel springs

Kevin Kaiser

Dr. Deines

A Retrospective 3-year Review of the Survival Rates and Complications of Single-Tooth Implant and Fixed Dental Prostheses in the UMKC School of Dentistry Predoctoral Implant Program.

Audrey Sill

Dr. Bonewald & Dr. Maurel

Examining the Role of b-Catenin in Mechanosensation

Travis Tegerdine

Dr. Wang & Dr. Yao

Interfacial Morphology of Universal Self-etch Adhesives with Dentin
after Prior Acid-etching

Lauren Todoki

Dr. Gorski & Dr. Walker

Effect of Oral Cancer Radiotherapy on Teeth

Brett Zobell

Dr. Bonewald & Dr. Bi

Bone Regeneration in the Loaded Rat Femoral Segmental Defect  mplanted with Tubular Bioactive Glass Scaffold