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Recent Publications (More articles at PubMed)

Eloise Rathbone-McCuan, Eve Lofthus and Carole McArthur. Chapter 27 “AIDS and Sex Work” In HIV/AIDS in the Post-HAART Era. John and Brian Hall Eds. 2011

Bristow C, Babayeva B, Modarresi R, McArthur Carole, Kumar Santosh, Awasom Charles, Ayuk Leo, Njinda Achu Paul and Ronald Winston. The α test: Rapid Cell-Free CD4 enumeration using whole saliva. 2012 Journal of Visualized Experiments. J Vis Exp. 2012 May 16; (63).

Clara Lema, Kim Dionne, Karen Carroll, Carole McArthur, Leo Ayuk, Charles Awasom, Paul Achu and Nicole Parrish. “Evaluation of the ParaLens™ LED Microscope Attachment Versus Standard Fluorescence Microscopy for Detection of Mycobacteria”. Journal of Tuberculosis Research. Vol 1, No 2. 2013.

Ande A, Kumar S, McArthur Carole, Mitra A, and Kumar A "Tobacco smoking effect on HIV-1 pathogenesis: Role of cytochrome P450 isozymes". Expert Opinion On Drug Metabolism and Toxicology. (July 4, 2013) (doi:10.1517/17425255.2013.816285.

Abrantes Pedro, McArthur Carole and Charlene Africa. Multiple drug resistance (MDR) of oral Candida species isolated from HIV patients in South Africa and Cameroon. (Accepted August 2013).

Anusha Ande, Carole McArthur, Leo Ayuk, Charles Awasom, Paul Ngang Achu, Annette Njinda, Anantha Nookala, Stephen Simon, Anil Kumar, and Santosh Kumar. Effect of mild to moderate drinking and smoking on viral load, cytokines and oxidative stress in HIV-1-infected Individuals. (Current HIVResearch. (Submitted, Sept 2013)

Ravinder Earla, Anusha Ande, Carole McArthur, Anil Kumar, Santosh Kumar. “Enhanced nicotine metabolism in HIV-1-infected smokers compared to uninfected smokers: Simultaneous determination of nicotine and its four metabolites in plasma using a simple and sensitive ESI-LC-MS/MS technique. Drug metabolism and Disposition (Dec, 2013)

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