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Recent Publications (More articles at PubMed)

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9. Earla Ravinder, Anusha Ande, Carole McArthur, Anil Kumar and Santosh Kumar. "Enhanced nicotine metabolism in HIV-1-positive smokers compared to HIV-negative smokers: Simultaneous determination of nicotine and its four metabolites in their plasma using a simple and sensitive ESI-LC-MS/MS technique," Drug Metabolism and Disposition. Drug Metab Dispos dmd.113.055186; published ahead of print December 3, 2013, doi:10.1124/dmd.113.055186

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11. Parichat Salee, LaChia Harrison, Kim Dionne, Carole McArthur, and Nicole Parrish.
"Combination of the MODS Assay with the Sensititre MYCOTB Plate for Rapid
Detection of MDR- and XDR-TB". Accepted Jl of Tub. July 14, 2014

12. Kamalendra Singh, Jacqueline Flores, Karen Kirby, Ujwal Neogi, Anders Sonnerborg, Atsuko Hachiya, Kalyan Das, Eddy Arnold, Carole McArthur, Michael Parniak, Stefan Sarafianos. Drug Resistance in Non-B Subtype HIV-1: Impact of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. Viruses: Submitted 16 July 2014 (accepted August 2014)

13. Wang Y, Syed J, Shnyra A, Torres-Romero L, Molteni A, and Carole McArthur. NF-kB Controls Resistance of Human Salivary Gland (HSG) Cells to apoptosis in an in vitro model of Sjögren’s syndrome. Open Journal of Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases, 2014, 4, 178-191

14. Anusha Ande, Carole McArthur, Leo Ayuk, Charles Awesome, Paul Ngang Achu, Annette Njinda, Namita Sinha, Anantha Nookala, Stephen Simon, Anil Kumar and Santosh Kumar."Effect of mild-to-moderate smoking on viral load, cytokines, oxidative stress, and cytochrome P450 enzymes in HIV-infected individuals". (Submitted PLOS ONE August 22, 2014). Accepted February 2015 PONE-D-14-37862R2.

15. Abrantes Pedro, McArthur Carole P. and Charlene WJ Africa. Candida co-infection in HIV-positive women: affect of HAART on Candida species prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility. (Submitted 2015)

16. S. Bok1, S. Pathan1, A.J. Wood2, B. Chen1, C.J. Mathai1, K. Gangopadhyay1, S. Grant2, C. McArthur3 and S.Gangopadhyay1. Highly sensitive plasmonic grating platform for the detection of a wide range of infectious disease (Accepted 2015).

17. Parcel S, Gustafson Steven, Shnyra Alexandra, Aderosoye Adegbulu, Ying Liu, Nicole Parrish Jamal Syed, Eve Lofthus, Carolyn Henry, and Carole McArthur. Malaria over-diagnosis in Cameroon: Diagnostic accuracy of QBC FAST stain and LED Microscopy versus Giemsa and Bright Field Microscopy validated by polymerase chain reaction. (Submitted Jl of Malaria June, 2015).

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