Another Good Year FORE Golf

Golfers were treated to perfect weather, food, fun, and golf shenanigans at the 17th Annual Alumni Scholarship Golf Tournament, held Friday, June 3.

Since its inception in 2000, the Annual Alumni Scholarship Golf Tournament has raised over $260,000 for student scholarships. Thank you to the steering committee led by Dr. Joe Spalitto that included Dr. Reese Graue, Dr. Phillip Gravino, Dr. Michael McCunniff, Josh Piper and Paul Riddle.

Thank you to all the golfers and sponsors who participated. Good fun for a good cause!  Find photos from the tournament here.



One (Giant) Step Toward Becoming a Dentist

Members of the Dental Class of 2019 and the Dental Hygiene Class of 2018 were welcomed to the clinical phase of their educational programs during the annual Transitioning into the Profession Ceremony, held Friday, June 2, 2017, at Paseo Academy of Fine Arts. Dr. Craig Whitt, Rinehart Professor and chair of the UMKC Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology and Medicine, welcomed everyone before introducing the keynote speaker, Jacob McGuire DDS ’98, PhD ’14), Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Oral Pathology, Radiology, & Medicine. The members of the Dental Hygiene Class of 2018 and the Dental Class of 2019 took turns reading their respective Code of Ethics, which were then signed by each class member before he or she crossed the stage to receive a white coat (DDS students) or scrubs (DH students). The white coats donned by the dental students were provided by the UMKC Dental Alumni Association and presented by their team coordinator. The UMKC Dental Hygienists’ Alumni Association provided the scrubs for the dental hygiene students. Following the ceremony, participants and well-wishers adjourned to the School of Dentistry for a reception.  Enjoy photos from the celebration.

Dental Research Study Enrolling!

Calling Participants For a Dental Mouth Rinse Study


Compensations of up to $200 are possible if the entire study is completed.

This study will involve 1 pre-screening visit (June 6th – 9th and June 13th- 14th) and 5 study visits, over an 8 week period.
Study has 2 different start dates, either: June 15th and 16th and ending on August 10th or 11th; OR June 27th and 28th and ending on August 22nd or 23rd. *3 of the 6 study visits could be as long as 1 hour in length.

The study includes using tea three times per day to rinse your mouth with for the whole eight-week period to produce a temporary tea stain on your teeth. The Clinical Research Center at the UMKC School of Dentistry will be testing three mouth rinses to determine the ability to prevent tea stains from forming on teeth. A complete professional cleaning is provided at the end of the study.
To qualify you must:
• Be 18 years old or older
• Have 16 or greater natural teeth and eight front teeth with no fillings, caps or crowns
• Not be pregnant or nursing
• Be willing to thoroughly prevent pregnancy during this trial
• Have no active cavities or periodontitis
• Have no known allergy or sensitivity to oral care products
• Have no unstable or uncontrolled medical conditions
• Not require antibiotics prior to dental treatment
• Not be taking blood thinners or anticoagulant therapy
• Not using smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco or e-cigarettes
• Not currently or within the last 30 days have been in any other clinical trial
• Not have had a dental cleaning within four weeks from the first study visit
• No dentures, partials, orthodontic bands, fixed retainers, removable orthodontic appliances, clear retainers, night guards or not have had a significant number of cosmetic (tooth colored) restorations
• Be willing to not eat or brush your teeth for two hours before your visits

Interested? Contact the Clinical Research Center at the School of Dentistry to set up a pre-screening appointment (Pre-Screening Visits Being Scheduled NOW!!!!) to determine whether you qualify, or call 816-235-2200.

School of Dentistry teams up to create UMKC Health Sciences District

 Unlike Any Other in the Nation

 UMKC School of Dentistry and nine other leading Kansas City health-care institutions team up to create UMKC Health Sciences District

With a collaboration unlike any other in the nation, many of Kansas City’s leading health-care institutions announced that they have agreed to align more closely to form the UMKC Health Sciences District. The newly created district combines the unique expertise and services of 10 partners to spur research and community outreach in service of the Kansas City region and beyond.

The UMKC Health Sciences District includes:

“What a wonderful opportunity among our institutions to work together and advance the health and well being of patients in our community,” said Marsha Pyle, dean of the UMKC School of Dentistry.

There are other health districts in the U.S., but the UMKC Health Sciences District is unlike any other in the nation.

It is one of 18 areas in the country that have public schools of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing and health studies in one location along with a children’s hospital and an adult, acute-care hospital. By including a health department, the medical examiner and a mental health center that brings together agencies of the city, county and state, the UMKC Health Sciences District is one of a kind.

Drawing on these institutions’ efforts, the UMKC Health Sciences District has the potential to enhance collaboration on research and grant requests; combine efforts on community outreach; improve faculty recruitment; coordinate area parking, safety and transportation; and create shared opportunities in health and wellness for more than 16,000 health professionals, faculty members and students.

“We have all worked together already for a long time, and worked very well together, but today we are opening a new chapter,” said UMKC Chancellor Leo E. Morton. “Today, we will sign an agreement designed to stimulate economic growth and job creation, attract new talent to Kansas City, create shared opportunities in health and wellness, and improve opportunities for recruiting and neighborhood outreach.”

“Better functioning health-care teams provide better patient care. Interprofessional education means educating future physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and other health-care professionals to work effectively as members of those teams so that patients get the best and safest care possible,” said Steven L. Kanter, M.D., Dean of the UMKC School of Medicine. “The UMKC Health Sciences District is the perfect environment for students, scientists and health-care professionals to work and learn together as they deliver top-quality, personalized health care.”

The District is about two miles in circumference and will be bound on the north by 20th Street; south by 25th Street; west by Oak Street; and east by U.S. 71 South.

The UMKC Health Sciences District will be governed by a board composed of approximately 20 members. Each participant institution shall have two representatives on the board. The board will appoint a chair for a two-year period beginning July 1, 2018. The chair will rotate among the following participants in the following order: UMKC, TMC and CMH. The first chair, who will serve a two-year term, will be the Chancellor of UMKC. The board also will name an executive director of the District. The first executive director, who will serve a three-year term, will be the Dean of the UMKC School of Medicine.

Congratulations to Our 2017 Graduates!

The UMKC School of Dentistry celebrated its 2016 graduates with plenty of pomp and circumstance during the commencement ceremony held Friday, May 13. Graduates and well-wishers alike were moved to tears and cheers as students crossed the stage at Swinney Recreation Center to receive their diplomas and certificates, The School conferred 107 Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees, 35 Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degrees (including two BSDH degree completion students), and 15 Advanced Education Dental Certificates. The Department of Oral and Craniofacial Sciences conferred five Master of Science degrees and the Division of Dental Hygiene conferred four MS degree in Dental Hygiene Education. Two graduates received military commissions.

Enjoy photos from the ceremony.

Nicole R. Ainsworth
Kelsey Elizabeth Alberg
Whitney Dawn Bair
Jamie Nicole Ball
Frankie Banhart
Jason A. Barzee
James Jeremiah Bell
Kaylee Anne Bergman
Trenton Blaha
Martin Brunworth
Audrey Margaret Buxton
Gianna N. Casarez-Quintana
Blake E. Cavender
Erich Chen
Ali Chowdhury
Susan Currey
Isaac Curtis Dains
Aaron Drew DeForest
Christopher Francis DeMarco
Sierra Lynn Drimak
Daniel DuHadway
Joshua C. Farr
Caitlyn Rachelle Farris
Kale Floyd
Grant Gastineau
Erik Grant
Michael Ryan Greaves
Luke Nathaniel Greene
Wesley George Guenther
Brett R. Haggerty
Gabriel Keith Harr
Paul Christopher Harris
Paul Hechler
Erica Paige Heiskell
Clark Ashton Hepworth
Cristina Hernandez
Ryan Michael Holbrook
Brent Takashi Honda
Drew Thomas Hutinger
Brittany Moline Irons
Miranda Alese Jimenez
Christopher Hudson Johnson
Luke Charles Joliff
Madison Kurrus Jones
Trey Kent Kalbaugh
William R. Keith
Joshua L. Kiene
Daniel Jeremiah Kirkpatrick
John Davis Klamer
Tyler R. Koehn
Steve L. Kohns
Matthew J. Kolarik
Tess Kornacki
Katie Marie Kramer
Taylor Elizabeth Krebsbach
Ian Kuklenski
Scuyler Myron Robert Kurlbaum
Farng Dana Loveland
John McCarthy
Chloe Ann Miller
Laura Elisabeth Moore
Stephen Moorkamp
Robert James Morrissey
Michael Martin Myers
Kaleigh Kristina Nechvatal
Kha Dinh Nguyen
Randy Nguyen
Staci Nicole Osgood
Shivam Parbhu
Samip Ashvin Patel
Joseph Robert Pleasant
Joshua Scott Prather
Julia Margaret Price
Seth Prochaska
Sara Mahmoud Qadi
Nicholas J. Reinagel
Chelsea Lynne Reutenauer
Kori Page Rienbolt
Annie Katelyn Roberts
Damon C. Robison
Elliott Rotert
Abdulrahman NAF Saleh
Corbin Christopher Salthouse
Matthew Keith Saxon
Erik Seaberg
Scott Segawa
Nikita Rajiv Shah
Jeffrey E. Sletto, Jr.
Katherine Renee Snodgrass
Kate Lynn Stamos
Kaitlin Steever
Korey Beth Still
Aaron Tyler Strange
Mina Sung
Alex K. Talbott
Andrew Taliaferro
Kirthi Venkata Tata
Pete Testa
Angel Verlee Thornton
Zachary Dow Wallace
Karin Watts
Ryan David Weaver
Justin T. Weststeyn
Elizabeth M. Wilkinson
Edith Colette Wimsatt
Megan Michelle Wolf
Mia Caroline Tugaoen Zuber

Kellie Ceasar Askew IV
Melissa M. Batiz
Erin Renee Bowser
Paige B. Boylan
Delaney Alta Brown
Kiersten Joann Callahan
Morgan Jean Crowell
Brooke Devero
Lindsay Devins-Towell
Candace Diane Foltz
Mariah Garrett
Vanushea Ghafari-Saravi
Chelsea Sophronia Sevigny Gomez
Vy Hoang
Rachel Nicole Klis
Kirsten Leigh Laubacher
Claire Marie Lowman
Tran B. Luong
Marshay Marshall
Vyvenne Linette Moore
Stormy Leanne Morrison
Haley Newby
Sarah Janet Owens
Megan Rachelle Owensby
Samantha Proost
Kinzie Marie Thompson
Vicky Yu Tsao
Megan Elizabeth Vaughn
Courtney Ruth Voorhees
Hunter Wammack
Lydia Kate Washam
Regan Nicole Weis
Megan Marie Wolkey

Jessi L. Deraps
Coulter J. Heinz
Whitney Rose Lawson
Cambria Lynn Stewart

Arielle Cathleen Brinkman, D.D.S. 3
Thomas Michael Carwile, D.D.S. 3
Daniel Francis Cusumano, D.D.S. 3
Stephen Robert Kirschbaum, D.D.S.3
Avanthi Shantha Tiruvadi, D.M.D. 3
Anthony A. Altomare, D.D.S. 3
Michael Stephen Harrison, Jr, D.D.S. 3
Asher Imani, D.D.S.3
Owen S. Lonergan, D.M.D., M.D.3
Chalmers R. Wood IV, D.D.S.3
Whitney Nicole DeForest Hewitt, D.D.S.1
Andrew McDonald, D.D.S.1
Steven Grant Shaw, D.D.S.1
Patrick E. Driver, D.D.S.1
Cassandra Collins McKenzie, D.D.S.1

GRADUATE DEGREES (1-Graduated Fall 2015; 2-Graduates, Summer 2016)
Michael Stephen Harrison, Jr, D.D.S., M.S.3
Whitney Nicole DeForest Hewitt, D.D.S., M.S.1
Andrew McDonald, D.D.S., M.S.1
Cassandra Collins McKenzie, M.S. 2
Steven Grant Shaw, D.D.S., M.S.1
Mindy Bennett, M.S. 3
Paula Covert, M.S.3
Holly Ann Houck, M.S. 3
Carly J. Knewtson, M.S. 3

1-Graduated-Fall 2016
2-Graduates-Spring 2017
3-Graduates-Summer 2017

Tess A. Kornacki, Captain, U.S. Army
Stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Audrey Buxton, Captain, U.S. Navy
Stationed at: Naval Base, San Diego, Calif.


Dental Students Team Up for Kids with TeamSmiles and Sporting KC

Team Smiles in conjunction with Cerner provided oral health care to 300 children from the Kansas City KS and Emporia school district at Sporting KC Soccer stadium on Friday. Care included exams, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. In addition, children were entertained with face painting, games and a special visit from “Blue”, the mascot for Sporting KC. Nine dental students along with Dr. Smith, Dr. Cocjin and Dr. McCunniff assisted in the days activities.

The students who participated were: Anna McKee, Taylor Jordan, Maggie Heiman, David Casteel, Michelle Burton, Matt Fry, Jessica Sliger, Kayla Hanna, and Ron Marquez.

Photos from the event.

Sun, Fun and BBQ!

The American Student Dental Association and the School of Dentistry hosted their annual End of Year BBQ on the School’s south-side patio, Thursday, May 4, 2017, 4:00–6:00 p.m. Students, faculty and staff all enjoyed picnic cuisine and awesome outdoor games!  View photos from the event here.

School hosts Dr. Donald Brown Diversity Speaker

On April 25th, the School of Dentistry Diversity Taskforce and School of Dentistry hosted Kathleen Deppeler, a member of the Behavior Resource Team from the Division of Developmental Disabilities for the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health for the sixth annual Dr. Donald Brown Diversity Speaker Series event. Ms. Deppeler spoke on how to work with patients with disabilities and gave tools that students could practice to help serve their disabled patients, as well as discussed the services her office provides that can assist.

Established in 2010 and open to all students, staff and faculty, the Taskforce’s charge is to move forward the diversity initiatives of the UMKC School of Dentistry’s strategic plan and to cultivate a climate that welcomes and respects diversity, and improve the diversity and cultural competency of the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Dentistry’s students, staff, faculty and administration by reducing oral health disparities and facilitation of buy in/ownership of its infusion into the fiber/culture of the institutions. They established the Dr. Donald Brown Diversity Sparker series in 2012 to honor Dr. Brown, a 1965 graduate who was noticeably omitted from any public recognition at a time when African-American names were often excluded from routine public announcements: Death notices. Wedding announcements. Graduation programs. Dr. Brown’s children generously made something positive out of the very unfortunate experience, scholarship fund for diverse students at the School of Dentistry to recognizing both his pioneering achievement. More on Dr. Brown can be found here.

The speaker series has featured notables like Kansas City civic activist and community supporter, Alvin Brooks, Bob Kendrick, President of Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.

Read more about the Diversity Task Force.

See photos from the recent speaker event and lunch.

Going for (and getting) A Guinness World Record!

It’s hard for most people to imagine running a marathon, much less while being draped with nine other people in a one-piece dragon costume. But that’s exactly what a wacky group of UMKC dental students and their friends did. Why, you may wonder? To set a Guinness World Record!

This saga began in May 2016 when Paul Harris, a 3rd-year dental student at the time, submitted a request to Guinness World Records to seek approval to attempt to set a record for the “World’s Fastest Marathon in a 10-Person Costume.” Guinness gave them their okay in October. In November, Harris contacted the race director of the 2017 Garmin “In the Land of Oz” Marathon, which would be held on Saturday, April 22. Harris then got busy organizing a group of 10 runners and figuring out their costume, with Ryan Wiebe and other team members.

Last weekend the 10-person dragon team actually did set a Guinness World Record for “World’s Fastest Marathon in a 10-Person Costume.” They blazed the 26.2 miles of the race in a world-record-setting 4 hours and 25 minutes.

According to Harris, “We did this quite simply to fulfill a silly idea. It was just for a fun memory with friends and to hopefully brighten the day of the runners and spectators at the race as well. I’m really thankful for this group of friends and for all the friendships that I’ve made during my time at UMKC School of Dentistry. As we all go our separate ways after graduation, hopefully we can look back at the pictures of this day and chuckle. Also, a big thank you to UMKC School of Dentistry photographer Jim Thomas for waking up early to come document the event!”

Five of the 10 runners in the costume are 4th-year dental students: Paul Harris, Seth Prochaska, Nick Reinagel, Paul Hechler, and Elisabeth Wilkinson. Also, Dan Kirkpatrick, one of the two spotters for the record is a 4th-year dental student. Other dragon runners included: Ransom Gardiner, Cole Gardiner, Michael Holton, Michael Just, and Ryan Wiebe.

Video and Photos from the race.

Celebrating our Alumni Achievement Award Winners

This week the University and the School of Dentistry honored the School’s 2017 Alumni Achievement Award winners: Jane Atkinson (DDS ’81) and Liz Kaz (DH ’86, MS ’87).

Dr. Atkinson serves as the director of the Center for Clinical Research at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research within the National Institutes of Health. Her research has focused on topics such as oral health status and salivary gland function in patients with the AIDS virus.

Liz Kaz serves as a clinical associate professor and director of Continuing Education at the UMKC School of Dentistry. She has been a pioneer in dental hygiene education throughout her career and serves on national boards for her profession.

The University bestowed awards to all its honorees at a ceremony held Wednesday evening at Brookside Gardens. On Thursday the University hosted its annual Alumni Awards Luncheon in Swinney Rec Center on the Volker Campus to honor the awardees. The School of Dentistry hosted a reception to honor its Alumni Achievement Award winners.

Photos from the celebration events here.