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Driving Directions and Parking



Driving Directions and Parking

Dental Faculty Practice Patient Parking


From the corner of 25th and Holmes, drive west on 25th, veer right and then up the hill on Locust St. toward the entrance of Children's Mercy Hospital. Turn right at the hospital entrance and then right again, following the signs to "Dental School Faculty Practice Parking.” Pull up to a guard gate and press the "call button" that is at car window level. When your call is answered, tell the person that you have an appointment in Faculty Practice. The gate will automatically be raised. Park in the spaces marked "Faculty Practice" at the far end of the lot on the right. Map


Handicapped parking and access is available in this lot.
From the parking lot, walk south towards the dental school — the yellow-beige brick building. Enter the building through its north side (2nd floor) entrances. After you enter the building, follow the signs to Faculty Practice, Room 277. Map