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Financial Policy



Financial Policy


We are committed to providing you with the best possible care, and we are pleased to discuss our professional fees with you at any time. Your clear understanding of our financial policy is important to our professional relationship. Please ask if you have any questions about our fees, financial policy or your responsibility.


 - Payment is due at time of service.


- If insurance is involved, co-payment and any deductible are to be paid at the time services are rendered.


- We accept cash, check, MasterCard, VISA and Discover.


- Dental insurance should be regarded as dental assistance. It is designed to help pay some of the costs of dental treatment. Because there are so many dental insurance companies and programs it is nearly impossible for us to have complete knowledge about all of them, or your status with your particular company. We will do our best to help you maximize your benefits. Dental insurance is meant to be a partial aid to defray professional fees. It is not designed to pay all the costs of dental treatment.


 - Insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. We are typically not a party to this contract. If we are, we will inform you and handle the claim according to our agreement with the insurance company. We file insurance as a courtesy to our patients. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance regarding deductibles, co-payments, covered charges, secondary insurance or other matters regarding reimbursement. The kind of benefits in your contract depends on what you or your employer have negotiated with the insurance carrier, and the amount of money you choose to pay in premiums. Returned checks will receive a $25.00 overdraft charge. A 1.5% finance charge will be added to all account balances outstanding beyond 30 days from the date of service.


 - At the time of your initial appointment, please bring your insurance benefit booklet and a completed claim form or dental insurance card. Your portion of the fees can then be computed and paid at the completion of that appointment.


 - If care is being rendered on a minor child, the parent or guardian who accompanies the child to the appointment is financially responsible for the account.


- You are responsible for timely payment of your account.